Hellfire OG Feminized

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Hellfire OG Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain with high THC that’s perfect for indoor growing. This is because it’s a very small plant growing only 70 cm tall when mature. But despite this, it produces up to 400 grams per plant outdoors and up to 400 grams per square meter indoors. 

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More About Hellfire OG (fem)

The Potent and Swift-Acting Hybrid

OG Kush is indeed popular among cannabis enthusiasts. It is greatly noted for prompting exceptional euphoric high joint with a body-desensitizing soothing buzz. Unfortunately, this is not an easy strain to cultivate because it would seem to be scrupulous and vulnerable to molds. With the intention to enhance the growth characteristics, OG Kush was crossed to SFV OG Kush. Wherefore, the offspring Hellfire OG got an enhancement in pharmacological value and horticultural traits.

Hellfire OG feminized varies from the choosy trait of OG Kush as the immersion of SFV OG Kush made it more doable to grow. It displays a small structure with stout branches that can support the heavy buds even in the occurrence of strong winds. However, the plant is vulnerable to colds. Thus, it is ideally grown indoors under a temperamental climate.

Hellfire OG emits a modern aroma that surely captivates the senses. It harmonizes herbal, citrusy, and Thai incense fragrance.

4 reviews for Hellfire OG Feminized

  1. Fay

    Definitely my new fave kush! This strain is extremely beyond potent and I advise beginners to stay away. I’ve tried lots of strains that make you euphoric, relax, and even send you soaring to new worlds, but this one’s intensity steps up the notch! Beginners should also avoid growing this strain since it was very challenging even for me. It’s so sensitive that the temperature and humidity had to be controlled so growing indoors is best. Despite that, the large harvest, kushy pine flavor, and powerful high make this strain worth it. If you’re an experienced kush lover looking for a challenge then this strain is meant for you.

  2. Heather A.

    Wow very impressed by this strain. The look was amazing. The smell was a little bit confusing because it smells mostly woody like coriander and slightly sweet but it was light on the nose. Its yellow trichomes covered with yellow and some dark blue buds with tiny minimal neon green leaves hidden among the plush fullness of the nugs. The trichomes were dripping off it. The smoke was smooth with a moderate short cough. The taste was very sweet and earthy. Slight lung expansion that was cool in my lungs. Exhale tasted exactly like creamy French vanilla. I was almost immediately very relaxed, happy, with slight euphoria. Felt it in my entire body. Got me a little talkative. Calmed me down and got my focus up a bit. I noticed my peripheral get smaller and narrow. Smaller because I could distinctly feel the bottom of my eyelids getting pushed up as if they were swelling. A dry mouth was very noticeable. I could fall asleep easily after smoking. It got my appetite going crazy. Great for evening or night’s staying in. 5/5

  3. Tanisha

    This is a perfect combo! experience both motivating and soothing buzzz! once puff, it lifts me up and brings positive energy about 30-35 minutes, then gently drops my ass on the sofa feeling lazy! also i smoke this with friends at night and chill. know what? this strain will surely help users who are fighting anxiety, she offers deep relaxation and take away doubts and fears..This herb ooze a tempting aroma that pleases the senses, mixed of herbal,citrus and diesel-like scent..smooth vapors of lemon and pine taste so good! this is a small plant with strong branches that can support the thick buds..planted her in my yard, warm and sunny spot, during harvest each plant could crop almost 370g of buds..highly suggested!

  4. Thalow1950

    This strain was awesome! it has a super-strong hit that will be a mind-changer and a body relaxant. the euphoria that makes me feel happier. It makes me feel more sociable, the chill mode is strong that can induce sleep. It aids me in getting rid of anxiety. It is also an effective way to stop nausea. Excellent all-natural sleep aid indeed! Loving its sweet yet sour taste! Growing this was quite easy, this marijuana plant has to be topped and trained. It appears to be short and squat like typical OG plants with compact nugs or tall with stacked buds. I’m sure you’ll going to love this!

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