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Galaxy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

This Galaxy Feminized marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid containing up to 80% indica and 20% sativa in its buds. It is a result of crossbreeding two of the most popular indica pioneers in the cannabis scene: the Northern Lights x Afghani combination. With this, everyone looking towards these hybrid seeds will not regret it in the slightest! The feminized quality that they possess also ensures that no males will be growing out of your crops. 

Even the flavors of this Galaxy Feminized strain will reek of classic notes. Indulge yourselves in a mix of dank earthiness and pungent spices. The more you cure and age the buds out, the skunkier the aroma and taste become! Lay back down and witness how the strong body buzz dominates your body. The Galaxy strain will set you up for a world of relaxation!

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Galaxy Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: 20% Sativa, 80% Indica (Feminized)
Genetics Parents: Afghani x Northern Lights
Growing Period: 7-8 Weeks
Climate: warm and dry
Yields: Up to 500-600g/m² indoors and High outdoors
Flavors: Sweet, Minty, Chocolate
THC Level: 15%
CBD Level: 1.1%
Height: 130 cm
Harvest Period: Mid-September
Growing Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

What are the Flavors and Effects of Galaxy Feminized?

Once all that thick and full-bodied smoke enters your mouth, a deep concentration of pungent skunkiness and earthiness just envelops your tasting senses! While the buds begin to crisp up from the flame, all kinds of enticing scents start running around the room. Underneath the strong textures, smokers of this Galaxy hybrid can still notice a certain sweetness inside all of that. 

While your mind won’t exactly travel lightyears away to a completely different galaxy, your whole body will certainly know what it feels like to be floating around in outer space! The calmness and tranquility that overtakes your bodies are just absolutely splendid to behold. Every second, a new wave of body buzzes start traveling to and from the ends of your toes to your head. There will be nothing left to do in your days apart from soaking in all the good vibes and wait for the sedation to kick in. It is best to make use of this hybrid at night when you don’t have any other tasks planned out.

What are the Medical Benefits of Galaxy Feminized? 

Loads of body therapy can be taken away from this Galaxy Feminized strain. And because it does not attack the head as strongly as other medical strains out there, patients can easily utilize it without having to worry about any over-the-top mental discomfort. When using this as a medical alternative, your body will feel much lesser levels of aches and pains. Joints and muscles will begin to feel a lot more loose and fresh in the long run, giving you a lot more movement without having to worry about recurring body discomfort. Conditions such as muscle cramps, spasms, arthritis, inflammation, and the like are some common uses of Galaxy Feminized.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Galaxy Feminized

Users who are new to using marijuana should look out for this strain’s potency levels. While it is not the highest level written on paper, the effects that it brings can still pose some major problems for newbies. Among the adverse effects to expect from this Galaxy strain are cottonmouth, dry and irritated eyes, dizziness, and paranoia from the physically numbing couch-locking sensation. 

How to Grow Galaxy Feminized

If the stated effects and flavors do not persuade you to buy these Galaxy Feminized seeds, then the growing experience that this strain promises will surely do the trick! It gives some very high yields along with a quick flowering time, with up to 500-600g of nicely frosted buds per square meter. In just 7 to 8 weeks of flowering, these durable and mold-resistant plants will be feasible for plucking out! Outdoor growing gardens will be ready for harvests during September.

The Plantation from these seeds can reach a height of up to 110-130cm. The thick and hardy structure of their branches allows them to withstand any sort of growing condition that they are placed in and resist the development of molds of any kind with great efficiency. However, one key reminder to keep in mind is that the foliage and buds of this strain’s plants tend to grow quite exponentially. Thus, proper topping and the use of a trellis (ScrOG) would be a good idea.

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