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jack herer

Jack Herer Feminized

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Jack Herer Feminized was named after the famous and well-respected advocate of the legalization of industrial marijuana. In the Netherlands, Jack Herer was also known as a medical-grade pharmaceutical, a widely acclaimed medical and recreational cannabis strain. Jack Herer Feminized, a well-balanced hybrid that brings the best effects of both Indica and Sativa to the table. Users usually find that after using the lemon and orange-scented smoke, they’re feeling calm and happy, but warm enough just to hold on to discussions which are bound to become exciting due to the ability of the strain to “Jack” up creative thinking.

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jack herer
Jack Herer Feminized
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Strain Specifications

Strain Specifications
Haze x Northern Lights #5 x Shiva Skunk
CBG Level
Dry, Mediterranean, Sunny, Temperate
Indoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Outdoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Harvesting Time
Late September - Early October
Strain Specifications
Indoor Yields
Outdoor Yields
Amber Trichomes, Crystal Trichomes, Large Buds, Neon Green, Orange Hairs
Taste and Smell
Citrus, Floral, Lemon, Orange, Sour, Sweet
Creative, Euphoric, Focused, Happy, Social, Uplifting
Caryophyllene, Delta 3 Carene, Phellandrene, Pinene, Terpinolene

What are the Flavor and Effects of Jack Herer Feminized?

Jack Herer does have an inviting aroma which is somewhat like pine and spice, with a little bit of orange and lemon in its earthy core. Some say it has a cake after-scent paired with pepper hints. Some say this strain of marijuana tastes like a tropical fruit salad with such a bite that is spicy, sharp, and saucy. Despite the level of Sativa, you will notice a sugar-like trichome resin. This sticky layer is just what offers those blissful and calming effects that play along with more euphoric Sativa characteristics that only the strain provides so beautifully. You will feel more energized, and deeply relaxed, based on your body chemistry and tolerance. A moderate THC concentration of about 18 percent indicates that you will get the heady buzz that marijuana has been known for, and any overly strong psychoactive impacts must be avoided. The effects of Jack Herer Feminized tend to be long-lasting.

What are the Medical Benefits of Jack Herer Feminized

Medically, Jack Herer Feminized grows into medium-high plants that can alleviate symptoms of depression, stress, and anxieties, and can also reduce pain. This cannabis strain is not advised for especially at night use because, given the stress relief, consumers sometimes find themselves excessively responsive to nod off. If you find it difficult to fall asleep, ignore this weed strain in the afternoon or evening.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Jack Herer Feminized

Just like any other adverse effect of marijuana, Jack Herer Feminized can cause dry eyes and dry mouth. By drinking more water all throughout your high, and also having moisturizing eye drops on hand whenever there’s a plan to use weed, each of these cases is easy to solve.

How to Grow Jack Herer Feminized

Female cannabis plants are the ones that actually produce weeds, unlike male cannabis plants. So if they receive less light each day, for instance in the fall and if you manipulate the cycle of light indoors, they begin flowering. Both outdoors and indoors, Jack Herer Feminized is quite easy to grow. This strain flowers and can yield as much as 18oz for every sq foot in around 9 weeks when grown indoors. And with a harvest sometime around late September or early October, could even expect similar yields for every plant when outdoor.


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25 reviews for Jack Herer Feminized

  1. John Pike

    Jack Herer in the morning. The perfect way to get my day started off pain free. Not to mention alleviates my PTSD. Thanks for your World Renown contribution to the medical society Jack. I’ll be sure to grow with care in my hydroponic system.

  2. Sally St.John

    Can’t get over the buds on my Jack Herer. I used pro mix soil and hardly used any nutrients and I’m so pleased. I will warn you peeps. It takes TLC, but so worth it in the end. Go easy on the feeding….lots of plain old water did the trick for me.

  3. Sun

    All seeds Germinated with in 72hrs. After 2 weeks, transferred them outdoors. About 60d ays later,
    I harvested 10 ounces of amazing buds. Strong, happy, and with great smell and flavour.
    I would like to suggest the Jack Herer Autos becaue easy to grow.
    Thank you

  4. Lisa

    I take Jack Herer in the morning. The best way to get my day started off pain free. Uplifting high with still kind of a “stoney” effect. Jack Herer is the pure sativa. Jack Herer is one of my favourites.

  5. Live

    What a incredible strain. Still it’s definitely sativa dominant, there’s a strong indica as well. I’d categorize it more as a sativa dominant hybrid, myself. I’ve smoked this a number of times. The smoke is really light, and not harsh at all. The flavor is earthy and piney. The high is very uplifting and happy.

  6. jack

    Jack Herer is best than any cup of tea in the morning. This is a fantastic Sativa-dominant hybrid. With sharp notes of pine and an earthy sweetness to it, this is a tasty and smooth smoke. It is marvellous for reduceing your anxiety and putting you in a superior mood. This is such a good morning strain.

  7. James

    This was one of the most uplifting strains I’ve ever had. I like the uplifting energetic high. Jack Herer has been a life saver for all of that as well as stress & anxiety relief. Love it . Love you SWG for this beautiful Strain.

  8. Dr. JP

    At the early stages of radiation I was recommended Jack Herrer as a medicine by my Doctor. It gave me the required sleep and pain release as well as reduces the anxiety related with my cancer treatment. Nice Med.

  9. Joe

    I will never leave this strain. I’ve paid for it many. Very light and neutral taste and odour, as well as a light feeling high. This is the best I’ve ever smoked.

  10. Willium

    Just had leg broken 5 months ago this is the best for pain control. punch all the addictive pain medicines they tried me on. Best for pain relief. If you need it ask to your Doctor.

  11. Jan

    Wonderful shipping!!!just received my first order from SWG yesterday in a birthday card. I’ll must back for more if everything goes right. Will update.

  12. John Leonard

    Jack Herrer is a perfect strain for recreational and medical users. While using it you’ll going to celebrate a tasty, euphoric, motivating and energizing yet physically relaxing experience. Buy your jack herrer feminized seeds now!

  13. Tommy Cook

    Absolutely beautiful plant to grow. Not had many issues other than human error. Sticky and fruity goodness. Has a great smell and taste. Big hit and brain high.

  14. Alex Grant

    Grown in an organic cultivation and in this case with an apical pruning performed and with very good result. I just did my first puff and it was worth it! Feels energetic and more focused. It was a nice smoke! You can feel your muscles is intense from all the hard day.

  15. Mitch Michaud

    Was an absolute joy to grow this Jack Herer, very nice buds and extremely tasty! The effect is strong and long lasting. It’s a light buzz in terms of little side effects when coming off. Will grow again, for sure!

  16. Vicente Morrison

    Finally I got my first harvest, this cycle was a lot of learning, I was wrong in some things that affected the development and yield of the plant. The Jack Herer is a beautiful finisher. Incredible taste and aroma. My all time favorite strain!

  17. LarryNemec

    Jack Herder is great strain for me, and will buy it again. Thumbs up for you guys you really deserve it for providing us the best quality seeds.

  18. John Simpson

    Luckily I found this amazing strain. It such a great experience growing this plant. Thanks SunWest Genetics!

  19. John Arron

    Jack Herer fem is the best way to use in the morning to start your day. This sativa dominant strain gives me a very uplifting and euphoric high with piney and earthy taste. And the smoke is very gentle and not harsh at all, I used it a lot of times. Amazing plant to grow, it doesn’t have a lot of issue at all. One of my favorite strain so far!

  20. Damian Auclair

    This is, without a doubt the best morning strain for my routines! I tried some other genetics out there but they gave me some heavy feelings. Jack herer helps keep me up for the long hours of the day. Extremely effective stress reliever as well! It grew like a dream, started sprouting some very sticky and dank buds. Very low maintenance grow indeed! thank you sunwest genetics!

  21. Chester Hugh

    Being a creative, I want to make sure that I conceptualize the best ideas. Sometimes it gets difficult when you run out of it. So I tried to do some remedies, and one of it is trying this Jack Herer feminized strain that I learned from a fellow creative. True enough, it makes me accomplish more and create more! If you are a creative and you want to be more productive, take it from your fellows, this is the best choice!

  22. Wynn Leth

    I really can’t just get enough with my Jack Herer Fem strain, I really love to use it in the morning to usually start my days. Makes me do more in my workplace and makes me a lot more creative. And to mention this strain is also easy to grow i only take me 7-10 to harvest this and gives me a great yields. Also a perefect strain for my relieving my stress after work.

  23. Ashton Sky

    I am experiencing the best of both worlds by cultivating Jack Herrer. I love both sativa and indica and I can’t honestly choose one between the two so I decided to go for something that meets both ends and it is this. I am fully enjoying the cerebral high and the heavy resin production of this strain. I am getting the value of my money or even more! Thank you Sunwest Genetics!

  24. Christian B

    I love how Sunwest handled my order! My seeds were delivered on time in great shape, and they look so healthy in my initial assessment. I am sure this is going to perform well and grow resiliently. But I just want to leave a positive feedback because I am impressed with their customer service!

  25. John Boyce

    In terms of growing, Jack Herer makes it easy without having to worry about where is the best place to plant this cannabis strain since it can be grown indoors and outdoors as well. After flowering time of 7 to 10 weeks, the best harvest of fat and glistening buds will arrive in front of you. It is physically relaxing and calming that’s why it is highly recommended for patients who suffer from medical conditions, including anxiety and chronic pain. Its smooth and uplifting taste will surely keep you focused, creative and happy all throughout the day.

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