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Critical Kush Feminized

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Critical Kush Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC and very heavy yields. It’s a strain for beginners as it can grow in different environments with ease. This is a small plant growing only 60 to 100 cm tall and with a high 25% THC. You’ll get yields of 650 grams per plant outdoors and around 600 grams per square meter indoors.

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More About Critical Kush (fem)

The Epitome of Marijuana Genetics

There are thousands of marijuana strains available in the market today, yet none of them are as exceptional as Critical Kush. This Indica leaning plant has THC levels of up to 25% that induces a sense of relaxation and focus to its user. While it continues to churn your mind with bliss, it slowly kneads the muscles in the body into a state of sedation. You can immediately feel the effects of this weed after a few tokes. The sweet lemon woody flavor of this strain is also a hit for beginners, making it a perfect introductory strain for newbies; however, caution is still advised as it can be overwhelming for new users.

When it comes to medical qualities, Critical Kush is not to be underestimated. Its capabilities to release stress, remove anxiety, relieve pain, and soothes the muscles are highly valued by many medical marijuana users. If you plan on growing this weed in your backyard, it is best to seek some experienced cultivators for advice; however, these feminized seeds should lessen the difficulty in cultivating this strain.

2 reviews for Critical Kush Feminized

  1. Garrison

    Oh my!! i loved this strain like it’s a blessing in disguise..she has a tempting lemony pine taste smoke that brighten up my day, releases negativity and brings joy..I have leg injury and so painful! thanks to this weed, she lessen the pain and i can sleep well at night..she’s an average sized plant that grows around 3ft and survives well inside or outdoor..make sure there’s air flow and light can get in for better moisture and mildews will not be a problem, trimming is needed!..Yields are good cropped up to 21 ounces each plant..What a superb weed! i’ll grow more next time..

  2. Rieves

    Lately, i’m in pain because of arthritis, so glad i found this weed, she has a big impact to my life, now i feel better and more muscle pain and stress..Every inhale of her sweet pine flavor is unwinding! leaves me worry-free and at ease..Critical kush is a medium-sized plant that get hairy, about 4ft survives either inside or outside growth. But when she stretches, need to make sure there is proper air flow, so regular trimming is badly needed..At harvest time, i cropped 620g per plant..Awesome! i’ll keep on buying more seeds!

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