Maple Leaf Feminized

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Maple Leaf Marijuana Seeds is a pure indica strain with moderate THC and faster flowering times. Take note that this is a small plant only 100 cm tall, but it will grow average yields of 200 grams per plant outdoors and 200 grams per square meter indoors. It’s the perfect strain to use for stealth growing indoors.

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More About Maple Leaf (fem)

Maple Leaf (fem): An Aromatic Citrusy Indica

For many years, Maple Leaf feminized has granted relaxation and alleviation to huge enthusiasts. Different from other common stretched leaf shape that is typical among Indica plants, the Maple Leaf is proud of its distinct look that resembles a maple leaf.

Maple Leaf feminized seeds are grown outdoors. Nonetheless, it still prospers when cultivated indoors. The reason why it can still flourish indoors is that growers can control the environment. Another way to cultivate it is by employing the method of hydroponics by which the vegetative, as well as the flowering period, is reduced while keeping the potential yield. Some growers, though, opt to use soil as their medium of cultivation to bolster better taste.

With the inevitable citrusy orange and sweet fragrance, Maple Leaf will captivate any enthusiast who gets to smell it. It emits a flavorful fragrance that combines the scent of citrus and earthy flavor.

3 reviews for Maple Leaf Feminized

  1. Hensley

    This easy-growing plant only reaches up to 4ft tall in an open area where she can receive adequate sunlight, she can also endure cold environment..with effort and giving her enough nutrients, at harvest time each plant shares me up to 7 ounces of sweet-smelling buds ( after 6-8 weeks )..Oh wooow! once smoke, it bursts with a sweet zesty orange taste and strong earthy aroma..I loved to smoke at night before going to bed.. after few puffs, her calming buzz is noticeable leaves me sleepy eventually knock me down at 6pm hahah right weed to fight against despair, she keep me relax..It’s a successful growing journey! Thanks a lot

  2. Haroven

    This Bushy, sturdy, resilient Cannabis Plant is Legendary! I’ve grown her outdoors in the Puget Sound Region and she loves the atmosphere. After the Dark Green Foliage is formed I cut the larger fan leaves to give the bottom some love too. This babe flowers at warp speed without much smell at all. It produces light green flowers with the most trichome coverage I’ve ever seen! After the full plant hangs dry and subsequent meticulous trim and airtight 8-12 week cure the bloom booms with the sweetest,honey-pine, gas, syrupy aroma on earth. The smell alone will have your nostrils addicted to opening the jar just to get that exotic whiff. The Indica effects tend to creep, while the initial effects are a sense of well-being, enhanced senses, and a true playful or frisky kind of mood. Eventually, the relaxing full body buzz takes over all the limbs and puts the mind to sleep as well. This strain is Epic if you can get the real deal

  3. Duperre

    A good indica it really helps with sleep also it is sedative and you will feel so relaxed that you won’t get up hahaha. The smell of this strain is pretty sweet and the flavor is sweet. I smoked this strain in vaporizer and pipe, I think that is better to smoke it in vaporizer because it kicks better and lasts longer. and by the way, this is an outdoor plant that had some of the most insane vigors I have ever seen. I am not sure if that type of genetics exists anymore. buds were thick covered with trichomes. If you run across this cultivar, consider yourself blessed and enjoy it for what it is.

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