White Rhino Feminized

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White Rhino Marijuana Seeds is a strain with indica-dominant traits and high THC content. This strain is very productive. It will grow very tall at 200 cm and produce up to 1200 grams per plant outdoors and up to 900 grams per square meter indoors. Your buds will bloom in 8 weeks and will have pine, lemony, pungent, skunk, honey, sweet, and woody flavors.

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Short, Stout, But A Definite Yield Champion

Quick growing, between 8 to 10 weeks, the White Rhino is a strain that can be a good fit for many cannabis home growers. From its giant and strong animal namesake, this Indica-dominant strain comes with a very strong force that can give an extreme hit that will numb the body and bring a couch lock. Perfect for night time usage, the White Rhino gives the perfect numbing effect, which is appropriate for insomnia treatment, relieving stress, relieving aches and pains, and easing nausea and migraines.

This White Rhino comes with an impressive THC for an Indica, measuring from 15 to 19 percent. Growing these seeds is going to be a great experience, as it produces a bushy and stout plant with thick stalks with thick colas and abundant trichomes. What’s amazing about the White Rhino is that it can withstand intense growing conditions. Even without constant care and attention, it can take a whopping 900 grams of yield per plant.

2 reviews for White Rhino Feminized

  1. Armstrong

    White Rhino… wow, where do I start? White Rhino is probably my favorite strain and for many great reasons. The smell it has is unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before; it pierces your nostrils. Taste-wise, it was incredible. Every puff was sweet and tingly. Then, the best part: the high. White Rhino gives a high that will make you regret not mortgaging your house for a sweet bag. It is simply splendid!

  2. Russell

    After 40min they had kicked and a stampede of Rhinos hit us all. Heavy couchlock Heavily stoned Could barely speak Took me an eternity to get off the couch I have never been so baked in my life, we should’ve had a 1/4 of what we did and there was no turning back, fast forward 10hrs and I’m still high, feels like I just had a joint. The smell is very sharp, floral/piney and pungent, and the nugs sticky and dense. Great for spinal pain and getting much-needed sleep. A M A Z I N G stuff!

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