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Cookie Dawg Autoflower

Cookie Dawg Autoflowering is here and it’s as amazing as ever! This is an indica-dominant hybrid that comes with a splash of ruderalis genetics in them. The primary strain, in particular, makes use of some very recognizable and admirable parent genetics in the powerful Girl Scout Cookies and some mind-boggling Chemdawg. Crossing it with a pure ruderalis strain gives birth to an autoflowering giant which carries properties that are just a blessing to have! As easy and convenient as the growing operations for this strain is, you will also be just as satisfied with the way that the buds smoke!

The tastes of this Cookie Dawg Auto strain will remind you of the flavors of the parents used to breed it. Sweet and nutty accents from the Girl Scout Cookies underlie every hit that you inhale in your mouth. With it, there will be gassy tastes of diesel and chemicals (the good kind) that give it a more stabilized profile. That way, it doesn’t lean more towards either side of the taste meter! If you decide to jump on the bandwagon of this strain after reading through this, we won’t blame you! With loads of different things that this strain has to offer, it is easy to fall in love with this Cookie Dawg Auto!

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Cookie Dawg Autoflowering Strain Specifications

Type: 60% Indica, 30% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis, Autoflowering
Genetics Parents: Girl Scout Cookies x Chemdawg x Ruderalis
Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks
Climate: Warm and dry
Yields: High
Flavors: Nutty, Sweet, Diesel, Gassy, Floral
THC Level: 15% to 20%
CBD Level: 0.8% to 1%
Height: Short
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cookie Dawg Autoflowering Strain?

Trying out this Cookie Dawg Auto strain is not something that your mouth will need to get accustomed to. Straight off the bat, the sweet and cookie dough-like flavors will send wave after wave of complete satisfaction to your mouth. Subtle hints of nuts and citrus also give the whole taste a lot more body and profile that sets it apart from the rest!

But wait, there’s more! Inside these ridiculously sweet buds comes a very diesel and chemical-esque taste that shocks the throat. This may seem quite harsh and rough but once you get enough hits into it, the tastes are something you will feel comfortable having every time. Smoke from the combustion of this strain will have a very creamy taste while still maintaining that classic, rich flavor of herbs and spices.

Cookie Dawg Auto will produce an extremely cerebral high that will make you feel spaced out and stoned out of this world! People say that the high of this strain gets two times stronger when you start coughing from the pungent flavors. This one here is a creeper, which will gradually make its way into your brain and cause a very blissful and dreamy high. As your mind fills with euphoric ideas, your whole head will feel like it was floating around on Cloud 9!
As relaxed as your brain and body might be, it won’t stop you from feeling happy and uplifted! This Cookie Dawg Auto strain could tickle your funny bone as you will feel the need to laugh and giggle when high. With your whole mood lifted and your smiles reaching each end of your face, Cookie Dawg Auto is the answer to all your worries! Oh, and let’s not disregard the strong munchies sensations that come with this amazing hybrid! You’re gonna find yourself itching for some snacks!

What are the Medical Benefits of Cookie Dawg Autoflowering Strain?

There is a high concentration of cannabinoids in the buds of Cookie Dawg Auto, which means that it will bring a lot of medical value. It is often used to treat and mitigate the symptoms of anorexia and eating disorders. The stimulation of your appetite can lead patients to develop a well-balanced diet with regulated use of Cookie Dawg Auto. Furthermore, this strain can remedy a myriad of health conditions, both mentally and physically.

Medical marijuana users who experience fatigue and stress do have the tendency to crash down and feel very sloppy and sluggish. With enough doses of Cookie Dawg Auto, their minds will feel much more rejuvenated and their bodies fresh. Any mental disorders such as bipolar issues, mood swings, depression, and PTSD will also benefit from the use of Cookie Dawg Auto’s mood-enhancing high.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cookie Dawg Autoflowering Strain

With the THC level that averages 15% to 20%, there is no doubting the strength of this Cookie Dawg Auto. Beginner smokers should be wary of the mind-hitting effects that can come with this strain. As with all marijuana strains, you are still prone to experiencing some negative side effects that leave you uneasy and disoriented. Cookie Dawg Auto can induce strong senses of paranoia and anxiety. Additionally, this mind-focused strain will more than likely feel overwhelming in the mind for people with low THC tolerance levels. Sensations like these can eventually amount to feelings of nausea and dizziness that spin your mind around and make you vomit!

While they may also feel anxious or paranoid due to the effects of this strain, it won’t be side effects that are as common as other strains. Users also report feeling dried up eyes and a cottonmouth feeling from smoking this strain.

How to Grow Cookie Dawg Autoflowering?

The Cookie Dawg Auto marijuana hybrid is quite the strain to have if you are looking for cannabis seeds to come in an all-around package. While we have already seen just how mesmerizing its taste and effects are, growers will also benefit greatly from this wonder strain. The nuggetry on this fine choice grows into popcorn-sized plumps, fully coated in thick frostings of trichomes and sticky resin. The pungent aroma emitted from these buds is enough to fill a whole room!

Dark green leaves and brownish-colored pistils form around the abundant colas of these Cookie Dawg Auto plants. You will be able to witness the beauty of this strain in its full form around 8 to 9 weeks after cultivating it. The yields come at a pretty high volume for ruderalis strains. One favorable trait for this is that it will respond very well to any given garden and condition that you expose it to!


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