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This Bubblicious Feminized marijuana strain is an indica-dominant type of weed that gets your mouth oozing and popping with a delectable taste of sweetness! We all love a fruity and sweet taste in any candy that we have. Well, now you start smoking some pot while still getting the same thing! This Bubblicious Feminized is known to be another phenotype version of the Bubble Gum strain, an award-winning hybrid staple in many households and personal users. Breeders took some Lavender genetics and blended

It carries a lot of the most desirable traits of its Bubble Gum parent. The flavors are filled with sweet and sugary notes with a whole lot more in store. Being indica-dominant, brace yourself for a tranquilizing buzz that will keep you relaxed throughout the whole high! If you’ve never heard of Bubblicious before, pay a visit to SunWest Genetics and place your orders now!

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Bubblicious Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant (60%), Feminized
Genetics Parents: Bubble Gum x Lavender
Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks (Mid October)
Climate: Warm, sunny and semi-humid
Yields: 500G/M² indoor and 250 to 400G per plant outdoor
Flavors: Sweet, Tangy, Fruity, Floral
THC Level: 15% to 20%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: late September to October
Growing Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bubblicious Feminized?

Bubblicious is a strain that you will fondly remember for its sweet-tasting hits in the smoke. The terpene profile along with the flavor that you are able to experience from Bubblicious is something you will find yourself coming back for every once in a while. Curing it a little more than recommended will bring out this ripe fruit-taste of berries and cotton candy. Underneath this strong flavor, there is a mild floral and woody accent that elevates the taste and keeps it from being overly sugary. Each hit also comes with this sharp zing and tangy sensation that cools your throat, making it feel creamy all the way.

Bubblicious’ effects will be a lot more quick-acting than most other indicas that you are accustomed to having. Just a few minutes into smoking this strain, your mind and body will start feeling very heavy. This evolves into a more dreamy and hazy mood that will make you feel an out-of-your-body experience. Your movements will feel a lot more restricted as you will want to just lay down and embrace everything happening around you.

But as heavy-minded you will be feeling, you won’t lose focus about how you actually perceive things. It isn’t nearly as psychedelic as other strains out there but it will definitely light your mind up with a calm state that transitions to a more happy and euphoric vibe.

What are the Medical Benefits of Bubblicious Feminized?

Bubblicious has the ability to be mind-hitting without being dangerously psychedelic and trippy. This gives it a great advantage with the medical use of weed, most especially for conditions that deal with mood disorders and bipolar illnesses. People who constantly feel anxious and stressed out can be a lot more positive about their outlook in life with regular smoking of Bubblicious.

Also, since your focus and senses will also be heightened with Bubblicous, people with ADHD/ADD can feel a lot more relaxed and less “uptight”. The deep sense of sedation will also be useful in treating insomnia and other sleep-depriving illnesses. Of course, a body-focused strain will more than likely carry a lot of pain-relieving effects as well, which means that you can get some pretty nice anti-inflammatory properties out of Bubblicious.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Bubblicious Feminized

Smoking Bubblicious will inherently come with the risk of having dried up eyes and a cottonmouth feeling, mainly due to the cannabinoid content that seeps up the moisture from your body. In order to prevent or reduce the chances of this from happening, you should properly hydrate yourself first before hitting a joint of Bubblicious. It is a common practice to also take regular sips of water during the high to retain enough water levels in your body.
A mix of migraines and paranoia are also possible with this strain if you are new to smoking weed. If it is your first time smoking pot, we advise you take one small hit and gradually work your way from there.

How to Grow Bubblicious Feminized?

You will find the Bubblicious Feminized seeds to be quite an easy strain to grow, provided that you give it enough light and feed it an ample amount of nutrients during the flowering stage. These seeds will have no problem at all producing plants which are extremely sturdy and durable against unpredictable fluctuations in the conditions. However, we do recommend you grow them indoors as it will bring bigger yields and will grow at generally the same pace as an outdoor operation.

The plants of Bubblicious, being indica-dominant, are quite short in their maximum heights. This makes them relatively easy to top and prune to get a higher amount of weed nuggetry. Also, keeping a ScrOG in place will be very useful in controlling the foliage of leaves that tend to get quite bushy with this one. It will take around 8 to 9 weeks for Bubblicious plants to flower, which is a pretty standard amount of flowering time. Outdoor operations may have their harvests around the mid-weeks of October.

1 review for Bubblicious Feminized

  1. Suzanne

    This is a gentle onset to a wonderful feeling! I have chronic PTSD with high levels of stress in my daily life. I also have a chronic illness that results in nausea, constant pain, and some inflammation. This strain helps with all of those needs. Within five minutes of vaping, I start to have a more positive, gentle outlook on my day/week/stress. I no longer feel burdened with anxiety or fear. My body is relaxed, the pain/nausea/inflammation is better and I have an appetite. My dislike is that it’s so gentle, it’s not long-lasting, for me and my needs. I think this would be a great strain before going anywhere, as you get ready. By the time you would leave, you’d no longer feel any effects. Also not a super, happy Funtime high. Just nice and mellow!

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