Blue Widow Feminized

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Blue Widow Marijuana Seeds will grow colorful plants with fast flowering qualities and medium levels of THC. This strain can grow and stretch up to 200 cm, and this allows your plants to produce 1100 grams of yields per plant. The lovely buds come with deliciously sweet, citrus, spicy, blueberry, berry, and earthy flavors.

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More About Blue Widow (fem)

Taking Your Blues Away

A by-product of crossing White Widow with Blueberry, Blue Widow is an aromatic Indica leaning strain that offers nothing short of amazing effects with its moderate levels of THC. This strain has been a staple in coffee shops in Amsterdam and has been awarded several times by different organizations. The pleasant aroma of this weed makes it a great outdoor plant to grow as you won’t be having issues with suspicious neighbors. This weed is usually smoked during the afternoon, where stress can overwhelm you. The effects render your head clear from all the mental clutter and help you become more productive. The slight body buzz makes sure that you are calm and collected to finish the tasks.

Blue Widow is highly regarded as a medicinal plant due to its high therapeutic value. The calm and serene experience you get from using this strain melts stress and other mental health issues away. When consumed daily, you are assured that you always have a highly effective medicine against mental and physical fatigue as well as pain.

Growers can rely on this Indica hybrid to grow fast and strong once it is cultivated under fertile organic soil. The humid outdoor condition is perfect for the buds to grow rapidly.

2 reviews for Blue Widow Feminized

  1. Jay

    I love Indica-strains but I always prefer not to end up asleep and this strain hits exactly that. This one was simple to grow indoors and was quite tall for an Indica. Although I wasn’t able to expose this green plant to cold temp (for it to reveal its plum color), it was still a beauty to behold when fully matured. The yield was very heavy and was oozing with a sweet fruity fragrance. But the catch is its deeply relaxing high that sends all mental and physical stress away. A true Indica experience that is decent and non-overwhelming. If you’re like me who doesn’t prefer being couch-locked and falling asleep after, then this might be the Indica for you also.

  2. Riley

    Eye-catching color and delicious flavor in one strain! this stunning plant gives me a mind-blowing experience of high. producing huge thick colas coated in resin, grow either indoor or outdoor. since i have her in my backyard, i make sure she can receive sufficient sunlight for healthy grow..I got 1200g/plant during harvest time,see what a great yield!. though she’s a good mold resistance,buds are extremely thick so extra care is needed in the last 2 weeks..get amazed with her sweet berry taste with fruity gum flavor when exhaled. want to spend some time relaxing? take a puff now! like me,i always have this during dark days,a single joint releases negativity brings me to a quiet place lol sounds scary i mean, my mind is at peace. Grab some seeds now!..

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