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BlackBerry Autoflower

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BlackBerry Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-indica strain that flowers fast in just 9 weeks. This plant is small at just 70 to 110 cm but will yield up to 23% THC. This strain looks lovely inside out with buds teeming with sweet, berry, blueberry, and fruity aromas that you’ll surely love to smell and taste over and over again.

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More About BlackBerry Autoflower

Recommended For Multiple Sclerosis, Nausea, Glaucoma and More

The Blackberry Autoflower is fairly recommended for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, nausea, glaucoma, and many more. This best combine Canadian and Pakistani genetics. This is consisted of mostly Indica added up with Sativa and ruderalis in it.

This is indeed a short-sized plant falling to 70 and 110-centimeters. This can grow up high as a central cola with its small branches growing on the side. Grow this one successfully outdoors. It can shine at its best, that is why you will love it more.

In just about eighteen hours of light, it can readily be harvested in eight weeks. This will begin from the germination process producing up about 600 grams or m2. This is also suitable to be grown in a warm region without enough temperature variation. This is perfect to be cultivated outdoor, whereas 700 to 300 grams of a plant is just so possible.

This is recommended to be used for therapeutic applications for nausea, glaucoma, back pain, multiple sclerosis, herpes, arthritis, PMS, and rheumatism. This is great to use for stress, tumors, asthma, and AIDS!

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  1. Karen Oneil

    This strain is just absolutely amazing! The effects is very therapeutic, its helps to alleviate my nausea. This strain is very easy to grow and its produces a huge number of yields. The aroma is very pungent and sweet, loved it! Plus this strain is very appealing, i like to look at its frosty trichomes its just so lovely. I’d definitely buy again!

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