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Black Widow Feminized

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Black Widow Marijuana Seeds is a classic sativa-dominant strain with towering THC and faster flowering. THC levels are soaring 25%, while yields are high at 400 grams per plant outdoors and 450 grams per square meter indoors. Buds will give you pine, sweet, and skunky flavors you’ll remember for a long time.

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More About Black Widow (fem)

An Aptly-Named Iconic Strain

Black Widow got its name from the terrifying spider that immediately injects its venom into the bloodstream. Much like the highly-dangerous animal, this Sativa dominant strain introduces its effects in pretty much the same speed. This high-yielding plant is a great marijuana strain to smoke, especially for seasoned users who want to have the ultimate high. With THC as high as 28%, you can expect a wild experience with this weed.

This simple strain is a joy to grow. It is highly resistant to molds and pests and thrives well in an outdoor environment where it can spread its branches under the heat of the sun.

Medical tokers will also find this Sativa leaning herb to be a powerful healing plant. This energy-giving strain should help you cope with fatigue, and the overwhelming high will drown out any negative thoughts from depression. Whether you want to have an extra jolt of creativity or simply want to have an enjoyable afternoon, Black Widow’s got your back.

2 reviews for Black Widow Feminized

  1. Rogers

    This strain is a true top-quality Sativa classic. This one was straightforward to grow and in fact, I barely had any plant problems like molds or pests. Plus, it grew into a tall green plant pretty fast and I immediately fell in love with its terpene profile. In its final weeks, the sweet piney and skunky scents just smell right and you can’t help but be excited. Then the harvest was rewarding and the smoke–man the potency is INCREDIBLE! The THC of this one truly is super high and can be overwhelmingly cerebral! I get very dead focus even with a small dose which is great for my work deadlines. So if you love Sativas like me, better give this a try!

  2. Lucy M.

    Really attractive plant that is strong and resilient. As a beginner, i find her an easy-growing one which survives in warm climate under sunshine.without too much expectations i was able to grow a lovely plants that yields are good, and grow around 90cm tall. i super liked this weed, both uplifting and soothing can be felt. I usually smoke it at daytime before work, enhance focus and keep me motivated. from the time i started smoking til now, no boring days and sadness..the skunky pine taste wake me up!..Wanna feel good?smoke this, it’s mind-blowing!

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