Black Cadillac

Black Cadillac Autoflower

This very reliable and versatile type of marijuana strain is sure to impress even the most demanding users out there! This Black Cadillac Autoflower marijuana strain checks all the right boxes and satisfies everyone who has them for all the right reasons! It is a sativa-leaning hybrid that brings heavy-hitting effects in the tokes that you take. The ease and convenience of growing these ruderalis-infused seeds will be beneficial for all types of gardens that you may be operating. Moreover, there are quite a number of medical properties which can be reaped from the buds of this amazing all-around champion of a strain!

Black Cadillac Auto results from crossbreeding two highly prominent strains in the Black Domina and legendary Jack Herer. Because it cannot afford to let down these parent strains, smokers and users of Black Cadillac would be right to expect an intense high filled with bursts of tantalizing flavors! Oh, and did we mention that it has a THC level that reaches a crazy 25%? That’s sure to get your mind going!

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Black Cadillac Autoflower Strain Specifications
Type: Sativa-dominant, Autoflowering
Genetics Parents: Black Domina x Jack Herer
Flowering Period: 9 Weeks
Climate: Versatile, Warm, Humid
Yields: High
Flavors: Earthy, Woody, Blueberries, Pine
THC Level: 19 – 23%
CBD Level: 1.4%
Height: 190 cm
Harvest Period: Mid October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Cadillac Autoflower?

The unique and rather unusual combinations of tastes and flavors in this Black Cadillac Auto marijuana strain may be quite shocking at first. But once you actually get the hang of its profiles, then we guarantee you that it will be one of the most captivating smokes that you will ever have the pleasure of trying! THe initial taste that users will normally pick up is the rich note of earthiness mixed into what seems like a sort of woody flavor.
As you continue on with the smoking of these buds, a very sweet taste that is similar to ripe blueberries will start coating your mouth! That contrast in earthiness and sweet, creamy berries makes for an enticing mix that starts a whole party in your mouth! Each toke will carry these rich tastes, so make sure you get your mouths ready!

This powerful hybrid will typically deal a hard-hitting punch to your minds and bodies really quickly as you smoke this strain. A rush of euphoric waves sweep over your head, giving it a very soaring type of high that trips you out and makes you feel light as a feather. The clear-headed sensations will then begin to elevate your mood and keep you happy throughout the whole duration of these effects. Users will also feel a lot more focused and alert towards their surroundings due to the heightened senses that they get from the mental stimulation of this high.
Later on, these effects expand more into a relaxing and calming state that transfers your whole body into a state of tranquility and peace. This is due to the indica genetics also found in this hybrid. The balance of both mental and physical effects is surely something to get excited about with these Black Cadillac Auto buds!

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Cadillac Autoflower?

The CBD levels of this Black Cadillac Auto clock in at around 1.4%, which is notably higher than quite a lot of other strains out there. As such, people can actually turn towards this strain for some medical benefits. The inherent stimulation of your mind that gets users feeling happy and at peace will be an effective remedy for symptoms of anxiety, chronic stress, depression, PTSD, and all other kinds of mentally challenging issues.

Furthermore, the CBD content of this strain gives it an advantage in the pain-killing sector. The natural analgesic effects make this Black Cadillac the perfect remedy to heal your physical discomfort and pain levels. Conditions like muscle spasms, joint inflammations, back pains, migraines, and nerve damages will instantly be healed through the body buzzes that this hybrid sends down. It also keeps medical patients focused and places their mindset in the right space. Anyone who feels nauseous and dizzy can utilize this strain to their benefit.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Black Cadillac Autoflower

Overconsumption of this extremely potent and powerful strain can ultimately lead to smokers feeling dizzy and anxious. This is unfortunate since the effects will more than likely be counterproductive and cause adverse effects rather than treat various symptoms. The overwhelming feeling of smoking too much of these Black Cadillac Auto buds can bring users into feeling a lot more couch-locked and paranoid about their surroundings.

Moreover, users may even experience some hallucinations from the high that borders being psychedelic in nature. This could make people feel very nervous and leave them in an uneasy state throughout the time that the effects last.

How to Grow Black Cadillac Autoflower

Only a general amount of knowledge is needed when cultivating these Black Cadillac Autoflowering weed seeds. If you are a beginner grower who understands the basic foundation of cultivating cannabis plants, then this is a strain that you will find to have great success with! You are going to get batches of large yields that produce stick, trichome-filled buds that just glisten under the light during their flowering stage. The plants themselves won’t grow into abnormally huge sizes so keeping these densely packed plants in any garden will be a breeze!
Because of the autoflowering genetics found in this strain, it will be a very fast grower that will only take around 9 full weeks to grow from germination all the way to the final harvests. It is well-suited for both an indoor and outdoor garden, with the high resistance to molds making it viable for almost any type of climate that you place it under.

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