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Zombie D.F.

Zombie D.F. Marijuana Seeds is a strain with sativa dominant characteristics. It has a very high THC level at 23 percent, giving you a euphoric, relaxed, talkative, and creative high. This is also a medicinal strain as it is capable of treating conditions like arthritis, anxiety, depression, fatigue, migraines, insomnia, stress, and muscle cramps.

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More About Zombie D.F. Feminized

Sweet But Deadly

Some wonderful things come out from accidents, and this strain is one definite example. The Zombie DF is born from the accidental fusion of the Girl Scout Cookies, LA Kush, and Secret Hybrid. It is known for its ability to induce a mind-bending mental high while exuding a very sweet aroma. Most people who have experienced this experience an intense high, so they almost fail to remember what happens the next day – thus, the strain’s namesake.

Because the majority of this strain’s qualities are based on GSC genetics, the Zombie DF has also turned into a favorite of smokers all over the globe. When planting this strain, it exhibits characteristics of both Indicas and Sativas as they mature. They are small to medium in size, but they have dense, conical, and tapered buds with frosty white caps.
The Zombie DF takes a little longer to mature, about 11 weeks, and the yields are usually 400 grams per plan with THC levels up to 23 percent.


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