White Dream Autoflower

The White Dream Autoflowering Marijuana Strain is the product of breeding the Blue Dream and White Widow strain, then Ruderalis to make it an Autoflowering strain. The White Dream will improve your mood due to its 24% THC content accompanied by 1% CBD content. This strain offers a creamy, citrus, sour, and sweet flavor paired with a skunky aroma.

The White Dream is a beginner-friendly strain since it is not a tricky strain to grow. The strain can be grown indoors and outdoors, and it prefers the Mediterranean-like climate. When growing inside a room, the strain provides 300 grams per square meter in just 10-11 weeks of the flowering period. When cultivating this strain outdoors, the strain can offer you a huge 450 grams of buds per plant and will be collected in the late weeks of October.

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White Dream Autoflowering Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: 60% Sativa 30% Indica 10% Ruderalis, Autoflowering
Genetics Parents: White Widow x Blue Dream x Ruderalis
Flowering Period: 10-11 Weeks
Climate: Dry, Mediterranean
Yield: (Indoors) 300 g/m2, (Outdoors) 450 g/plant
Flavors: Creamy, Citrus, Sour, Sweet, Skunk
THC Level: 24%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: 60-150 cm
Harvest Period: Late-October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of White Dream Autoflowering Marijuana Strain?

It only requires one bag of White Dream to fill a room with its delicious smell. It also has a cream undertone, which is recognizable when the buds are split apart. Meanwhile, combusting it exposes the tangy citrus and skunk undertones. White Dream has a dense smoke that has a creamy overtone and a slight sweetness to it. It covers the palate with such saccharine milk until adding its citric undertone—a sour skunk balances out the tanginess.

Like most other Sativa-leaning strains, White Dream has a fast-acting high that kicks in within the first two to three puffs. It begins a burst of power that hordes the temples before spreading through muscles and the rest of the body. Its onset, on the other hand, is primarily cerebral. It gives you a wave of euphoria that clears your mind and improves your mood by removing distractions like negative thoughts. Once it has settled, a behavioral shift is immediately noticeable as the day progresses. It improves motivation and concentration, allowing casual users to complete activities with absolute clarity. The subtle hum of energy from the start to intensify after maybe an hour or two keeps users fit and robust even throughout the comedown because it keeps them fueled during the high. Like a well-oiled machine, users can continue to participate in light physical activities. White Dream is better used as an alternative to coffee in the morning or midday. It reignites one’s enthusiasm for life while also offering the much-needed extra boost need to get through the day.

What are the Medical Benefits of White Dream Autoflowering Marijuana Strain?

This strain is classified as a casual strain in the medical field. It has proven to be a potent strain, providing relief to patients suffering from various mental and physical ailments. It’s also a strain that produces a high medicinal thanks to the 1% CBD content and other cannabinoids, including THC and terpenes. Its muscle-relaxing properties also help numb a variety of aches and pains, beginning with the temples. This strain produces a relaxing sensation in the body, making the patient more limber and assisting in the battle against physical weakness and exhaustion.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from White Dream Autoflowering Marijuana Strain

As good as it is, White Dream has several disadvantages. Red eyes and dry mouth, and greening out have all been mentioned by some users. Some users can disregard the dryness, but new users can drink a glass of water during the session to wash it all down. It is often accompanied by either a sudden headache or dizziness. When too much bud is consumed, it could also make some people feel nervous. As a result, smoking at a steady pace is essential.

How to Grow White Dream Autoflowering Marijuana Strain

White Dream is thought to be the ideal cross of Indica and Sativa strains. The Blue Dream and White Widow genetics give it power, while its resin and yield come from its own Indica side. With a flowering time of only 10-12 weeks and a shorter shape than with the initial strain, this auto hybrid gives breeders, particularly those who are impatient, the opportunity to grow a marijuana strain that produces a good yield in a short amount of time. White Dream Auto thrives in both an indoor as well as an outdoor environment.

This strain should be grown indoors on a 12/12 light cycle, with 12 hours of exposure to light and 12 hours of darkness. This method should be pursued to keep the strain under control and optimize the number of crops per square meter to get the most out of it. Under ideal conditions, yielding of up to 300 grams per square meter can be projected when growing indoors. It could also extend to a height of 60-150 cm. It will produce significant yields of 450 grams per plant if grown outdoors in garden beds or pots in a Mediterranean climate with stable weather.


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