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Critical Autoflower

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Critical Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid with recreational and medicinal effects. This has low THC at only 13%, but it can help with pain, anxiety, and stress. It’s a small plant at only 90 cm tall but will give you good yields. The buds are small yet dense with woody and citrus flavors.

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More About Critical Autoflower 

Stimulating but Calming

She is one of the beautiful autoflowering hybrids. Her name will tell you where she came from. A child of Critical that has been crossed with a ruderalis to add a quick-flowering feature. Hence, she takes lesser time to bloom compared to the original Critical.

With a short stature, she is quite easy to cultivate. So, you should not hesitate to grow her, whether you’re a novice or skilled grower. She is so friendly to beginners, offering a very rewarding cultivation experience. For aroma and flavor, she exudes the notes of woody and citrus.

Every toke will show you her effect. It is a body high that will keep you calm, euphoric, relaxed, uplifted, hungry, and sleepy. At first, she will keep you alive, creative, and giggly. You may laugh even for no reason.

All of these things tell how good she is. Indeed, she should be in your garden.

1 review for Critical Autoflower

  1. James Palmer

    Critical is just a small plant and very easy to cultivate outdoors, especially that it provides high yields with small yet thick buds. Her citrusy flavor and smell make me so hooked about her. Her effects give me calming and uplifted feelings that are one reason I feel so alive every time I am consuming this strain. The effects get very strong as time goes by.

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