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Sweet Island Feminized

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Sweet Island Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with moderate THC levels. You’ll get buds with high 19 percent and with a height of 120 cm capable of producing up to 200 grams per plant outdoors and up to 300 grams of yield per square meter of indoor space.

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More About Sweet Island Feminized

Tasty, Sugary, and Rich for Dessert Lovers

Hailing from the 90s, the Sweet Island is a Sativa-dominant that has been usually described as a treat to consume. This strain is known for its tasty, sweet, and sugary smoke that can be closely compared to grapefruits. Treated somewhat like a dessert, the Sweet Island starts off with an energizing high, followed immediately by a calming and mellow hit.

Born as the offspring of Skunk #1 and a secret hybrid, this comes with a rich flavor and amazingly fragrant buds. On average, the THC content of this strain ranges from 12 to 19 percent. Moreover, the home cultivation of this strain can be quite easy as the plant is hardy and resilient.

If these feminized seeds will be grown indoors, it is important to take note that they usually grow about 120 cm, so some plant training must be applied. On average, even if they are grown outdoors, this strain can produce 200 to 300 grams of yield.

2 reviews for Sweet Island Feminized

  1. Presley Robertson

    One flavorful strain perfect for a sweet-tooth like me! Planted seed indoors using SCROG and gave me super easy cultivation. Fast-flowering and grew tall. Gave me an average yield of densely packed buds. Its pungent smell is so distinct but thanks to its delicious fruity flavor which satisfies my taste buds and urges me to toke some more. It’s euphoric head high calms my anxieties while its mellow body buzz helps me with my nerve pains. Definitely worth every puff of therapy, better try it yourself!

  2. George Miller

    This strain is like a dessert!!! First, puff and it will give you a delicious pungent, sweet fruity taste and a smell like smooth, creamy smoke with a sweet skunky after hit. The effect gives a high euphoric high and then followed a gentle feeling that makes me calm. I was also surprised how easy this strain grows and flowers, it develops green buds with orange fur, no issues with growing at all.

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