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Great Flavor Skunk

Skunk Fast Version is from the genotype of the strain Skunk with a secret hybrid. This was an Indica-dominant strain that consists of 18 to 23% THC level, which is just enough to provide a devastating high if used with a high dosage. The enormous effects that it gives could be explained as high cerebral but suited in the whole-body effects. Skunk became famous due to its strong fragrance like ammonia.

Skunk Fast Version grows into a smaller frame, unlike its usual photoperiod relations. Having a smaller frame makes it ideal for growing in a controlled indoor setting. Aside from that, this strain also shows some growth that is good, especially for those beginners in growing cannabis. For the whole stage of its growth cycle, this plant can resist those common pests and usual diseases that permit beginners to scope in responding to any curse that may happen.

Employing the Sea of Green setup can maximize your usual yields. Skunk Fast Version takes within 6 to 7 weeks of the flowering period. When the harvesting period comes, expect to have as much as 400 grams of sticky buds each square meter. While growing outdoors, this plant can allow any weather inconvenience within a few bases. Having the best results, you may place it in an area that gets an ample amount of sunlight. Once that you harvest it within the first to mid-week of October, expect to have as high as 500 grams of resinous buds per plant.

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