Hindu Kush fem min

Hindu Kush Feminized

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Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds is one of the most popular, classic strain with pure indica genetics. It’s a high THC strain with faster flowering in just 6 to 8 weeks. You’ll get good yields from this average-sized plants. Buds will have earthy, woodsy, spicy flavors that will surely remain in your sense and your growing area longer.

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More About Hindu Kush (fem)

A Compelling but Gentle Indica Smoke

An entirely Indica originating from the rough mountain range from which its name was based, the Hindu Kush is a native to the land between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The plant is unceasingly utilized to make hashish because of its abundant resin production.

Its fragrance is quite complex. Hindu Kush feminized exhibits earthy sandalwood, sweet fragrance. The moment it is taken, it urges a euphoric high as well as a soothing effect that is great for after-work relaxation. Moreover, Hindu Kush has health-providing properties that help to alleviate stress, insomnia, pain, and loss of appetite.

The Hindu Kush only reaches a height of 3.9 feet once it becomes mature. Short and sturdy, it demands sufficient lateral space, as well as constant trimming for much ideal airflow.
Lastly, no matter how enticing it is, it is advised to only take the minimal amount as the leading smoke is massive and may induce cough.

3 reviews for Hindu Kush Feminized

  1. Jason Woodard

    What I like about this plant is that it is very easy to grow and also short and dense, thus, its flowers are light green. This provides enough smoke as a customer and creates a sweet fragrance and taste. You can smell its beautiful floral stuff. I’m absolutely impressed with the number of grams I’ve collected from these marijuana plants. In the right way, it enables me to get high. After a few spoonfuls, the impact sets in instantly, leaves me feeling energetic, which is also accompanied by a few moments of soothing body stimulation as it relaxed my body.

  2. Keith

    Strong plant with smooth smoke..Yeah! i liked her earthy flavor and smell with spiciness that tickles my tongue..after smoke i feel lively! watching movies while eating then few minutes relaxing sensation kicks in and i feel sleepy hahah but really true all worries disappear leaves me happy and have peace of mind..during and after smoke, i experience dry mouth that’s why i drink a lot of water..A quite short plant grows about 4ft tall but shows strong side stretching. resilient to diseases but need to ensure there’s proper air flow and sun exposure to get good harvest..Outdoor cultivation gives me a great yield, in 10 weeks I got 18 ounces per plant, satisfying!. a must-try!

  3. Riel

    A fantastic plant to grow! This plant performs well indoor as long as humidity and moisture is low. its growth is short, dense, and bushy. produces large resinous buds. it has an earthy flavor and smell. this is excellent at triggering appetite, for those who have a hard time eating just like me 🙂 try it so you’ll know it.

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