OG Kush Fast Feminized

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OG Kush is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with very high THC levels and the best flavors. It is a hybrid that grows tall at 180 cm and has a high 24% THC. These plants come with an average yield despite flowering later, but you’ll enjoy big fat buds with diesel, lemon, citrus, pungent, and pine scents and flavors.

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More About OG Kush Fast Version

An Old Strain from Florida

OG Kush is a hybrid strain that belongs to the most popular cannabis strain in all-time history. Its first present in Florida, this strain has a unique terpene description that blends the smell of the skunk with fuel. It apparently emits a different scent, such as a strong smell of fuel and lemon with a spicy and citrus pinch. Additionally, it also gives a euphoric rush that rapidly elevates your mood.

OG Kush Fast Version has a quick flowering period. Differentiated with the original OG Kush, this fast version strain has more content of Indica. Even it grows as a smaller height, but still, it has more side branches like most strains. Usually, it grows up to 100 cm tall, and because of this, it makes an ideal to grow in an indoor setting. Commonly, this plant is not the demanding type of plant to grow, but in order to have more size of yields to harvest, there is some teaching standard to consider. You may also use the Sea of Green method and combine it with 600 watts of HPS. After seven weeks of the quick flowering period, expect to harvest as much as 600 grams every square meter.

Even though it mentioned earlier that OG Kush Fast Version is more apt to grow indoors, it still flourishes in outdoor settings as well. The ideal location to grow this plant is into an area that has an ample sunshine climate. Having such an ideal climate, this plant can yield as much as 350 to 600 grams of great buds per plant.

2 reviews for OG Kush Fast Feminized

  1. Rogers

    Leans more towards indica and flowers in no time! It has a smaller and more compact stature, but still produces the same number of lateral branches. OG Kush Fast Version exudes an enticing contrast of scents, it has a pungent odor of fuel. If consumed moderately, it first delivers a gentle euphoric rush that quickly uplifts the mood. I am in love with this strain!

  2. Jean

    After only seven weeks of flowering, the harvest is incredibly generous, giving you a long-lasting stash for recreational and medicinal toking. As the mental cobwebs start to clear, you’ll feel happy and upbeat, and you’ll still have enough energy to tick tasks off your to-do list. I like the lemon with a citrusy and spicy twist flavor. Depending on the spacing between the plants, the dense foliage may be susceptible to mold if moisture levels are too high. Trimming and pruning, as well as strategically installing a small oscillating fan, helps improve air circulation to better control these environmental factors! Great strain!

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