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Lemon Autoflower

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Lemon Marijuana Seeds is a flavorful indica-dominant strain. You’ll love its fantastic lemony, earthy, pine, skunk, pungent, and citrus flavors guaranteed to help you relax. This is a small plant growing only 60 to 100 cm tall but can give you good yields. THC levels are at 17%, while flowering time is early at only 8 to 10 weeks.

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More About Lemon Autoflower 

Simply Delicious

Lemon Autoflower is a delightful cannabis smoke and the child of Lemon Skunk and Lowryder #2. She’s so beautiful that she deserves to be in your garden today. She grows as a medium-sized cannabis plant that is pretty easy to cultivate. Hence, Lemon Autoflower is a great choice even for a novice grower.

When cultivated, she tends to conform to just one cola development pattern with minimal side branches that made her good for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. If you choose to grow her outdoors, then let her enjoy the warm rays of the sun.

She may take more time to bloom, which is just fine, considering how much she can yield. Her aroma is somewhat Skunk with the delicious lemon undertones. Her flavor is somewhat similar to that of Skunk, coupled with the enticing citrus notes. She’s quite rich in CBD, which is another reason why you must consider her!

1 review for Lemon Autoflower

  1. Kenneth Leonil

    You get a nice mix of lemon and hashy tastes in there. Super delectable to the senses. It has a very earthy and pungent aroma upon grinding. It blooms a fairly short plant frame, easy to hide in my indoors gardens. buds were really big for its size though, looked like sugar coated golf balls. I smoked one joint every day for about 2 weeks now, it really helps lighten my mood after a stressful day. Very calming and soothing on the body. It definitely hits in the right places!

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