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Gold Leaf Feminized

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Gold Leaf Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant high-THC strain with delicious pine and sweet aromas. It is a tall plant growing up to 230 cm and has 21% THC. Yields are from 800 grams per plant outdoors to 450 to 650 grams per square meter indoors. This strain flowers in just 8 to 10 weeks with diesel, earthy, pine, sweet, and skunk-flavored buds.

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More About Gold Leaf (fem)

The Classic Gold Cannabis

Termed after the shade its foliage displays during maturity, Gold Leaf feminized is a true treasure. It offers a suave flavor with great levels of THC and CBD. It is a perfect choice for either medicinal or recreational uses as its benefits are boundless.

The cultivation of Gold Leaf brings so much fun to the growers. The seed is easily cultivated, and the herb delivers lavish produce. Since Gold Leaf is characterized to be naturally gigantic, cultivating indoors might imply a very confined space for the giant. Growers can address this concern by shortening the vegetative period to restrict its growth. Most growers employ the Screen of Green technology.

Her smoke is heavy and rich. The moment it is lit up, its aromatic, piney, skunky fragrance will occupy the entire room. Although its strong smell is very noticeable, it also has the touch of sweetness that is also adorable.

1 review for Gold Leaf Feminized

  1. D. Hatton

    A good smoke after an exhausting day! enjoyed her sweet pine taste, strong diesel odor on exhale that kills negative energy!.I got wounds from accident, really aching!. vapor of this weed keep me calm and lessen the pain, so thankful I planted this cannabis! Also this is good for those who are battling despair. Less complicated to grow and high-yielder plant, huge crop awaits. This herb really flourish in warm environment outdoor with sufficient sunlight. In 10 weeks yield more or less 26 ounces per plant. Grow up to 6ft tall..High-quality! til next time!

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