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Dutch Dragon Autoflower

The Dutch Dragon Auto weed strain is an all-around hybrid which will satisfy the needs of both medical and recreational users with its extremely versatile effects. Known for its high yields and potent effects, the Dutch Dragon Auto strain is something that a whole lot of growers want in their gardens. The excellent properties that it has when growing, such as its sticky, shining buds and the leaves accented with bright shades of green, give it a head-turning appearance that will be amazing to behold! It won’t take much for you to instantly get hooked to Dutch Dragon Auto!

This is known to be a sativa-dominant hybrid which excels in giving you a clear head and extremely relaxed body. It is said to have first originated from the lineage of an African Sativa, which is where it gets most of its traits and qualities from. You can be guaranteed to have an extremely high level of satisfaction with Dutch Dragon Auto, which is further testified by it being able to win a category of the High Times Cannabis Cup awards last 2006!

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Dutch Dragon Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant, Autoflowering
Genetics Parents: African Sativa
Flowering Period: 9 to 12 Weeks
Climate: Sunny, Semi-humid, Open
Yields: High
Flavors: Fruity, Tangerine, Citrus, Sweet
THC Level: 16% to 20%
CBD Level: 0.1%
Height: 90cm to 275cm
Harvest Period: Mid October
Growing Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Dutch Dragon Autoflower?

There are going to be unmistakable notes of extreme fruitiness and sweetness in the taste of these Dutch Dragon Auto buds. A plethora of different flavors, all of which will display very sugary and sour types of notes, is going to send explosions in your mouth that will be delightful to each and every one of your taste buds.
The inhale will bring a more citrus and tangerine-like flavor that is similar to dunking your tongue in a glass full of zesty juices. The sour yet sweet notes pair up perfectly with the presence of another unique fruity accent which elevates that whole taste to a much more satisfying blend.

Dutch Dragon Auto is also highly praised for the strong and potent effects that it is capable of producing. With a THC content that will vary from 16% all the way to 20%, you can be guaranteed a blissful high in both the mind and body which instantly makes your mind off of troubling thoughts and worries! With a few tokes of this strain, your whole mind starts piling up all these euphoric and dreamy thoughts that promote a happier mood. Without inducing any couch-locking effects, smokers of this strain will ultimately enjoy the hours of this high while in a state of pure tranquility and ease.

The physical indica effects also play a key role in inducing a very toned down mood which sees smokers spend a good amount of time just chilling and soaking in all that positive energy around them. With your senses sharpened and your mind feeling a lot lighter, you can find a lot of motivation in the effects of this strain. Get ready to jumpstart your days with a smile on your face!

What are the Medical Benefits of Dutch Dragon Autoflower?

A lot of health values can be taken from this Dutch Dragon Auto strain. It is a very useful mitigator of symptoms that cause mood disorders and emotional instability. Illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and PTSD are just some of the many mental instabilities which can effectively be remedied by this Dutch Dragon Auto strain.
It is also known to relieve the body of any physical pains and aches, acting as a form of alternative treatment with its pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties. Any levels of discomfort, whether mild or severe, can find amazing therapeutic sensations that tingle your body and keep your muscles relaxed. Dutch Dragon Auto releases pressure and stress in the body, making it the perfect companion due to not having much psychedelic effects which could alter your mindset.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Dutch Dragon Autoflower

There are only a very few instances reported wherein consumers of Dutch Dragon Auto report sensations of dizziness, nausea, paranoia, and anxiety. But while it will not be likely for seasoned smokers to feel such effects, amateurs should still remain cautious with the potency of this hybrid.
It is very possible for smokers to experience some uncomfortable feelings of dry eyes and cottonmouth with this Dutch Dragon Auto strain. Without enough liquid intake in the body, the dehydration levels can be the main cause of these discomforts. It can be reduced or toned down by drinking water prior to smoking or lubricating your eyes with some eye drops.

How to Grow Dutch Dragon Autoflower

Growers who enjoy easy-going cultivation operations are definitely going to fall in love with this strain. It is capable of producing some very high yields in both an indoor and outdoor garden, with the durability of the plants making it possible to practice a wide array of training and topping techniques to further improve the performance of your gardens.
The impressive appearance of the Dutch Dragon Auto plants is coupled with the extremely fast growing time that this strain displays. As with most sativa-leaning hybrids, this strain can reach some fairly tall heights so make sure you give it enough spacing to expand and grow to its full potential. Dutch Dragon Auto takes 9 to 12 weeks of growing time from germination to harvests, which is quite long for a ruderalis-containing strain. Harvests in an outdoor garden can take place during mid October.

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