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Chronic Widow Feminized

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Chronic Widow Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high faster flowering and high THC levels at 23%. This strain grows tall at 180 cm and flowers fast at just 8 weeks. You can expect productive plants at 900 grams per plant outdoors and 700 to 800 grams of yield per square meter indoors.

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More About Chronic Widow (fem)

Cap Your Day With This Medicinal Strain

Chronic Widow is an Indica dominant strain coming from White Widow and Chronic. This weed promises a list of high octane effects that will leave its users immobile. Starting with a cerebral buzz that sends the spirits high up in the air, it then returns to Earth with a deep body buzz. A happy and contented demeanor begins to show, and you are left with all smiles for several hours. The calming effects soon kick in, and the sedative qualities of this Indica leaning plant take over.

An ideal weed to smoke after a difficult day at work, this weed should have more to offer medically than other strains. Patients battling with depression are bound to have lesser negative thoughts, and those who have long suffered from pain and discomfort will find this weed to be comforting. Growing this weed should be a lot easier in its feminized form. A warm and sunshine-filled climate will do wonders for this plant.

2 reviews for Chronic Widow Feminized

  1. Roy

    This Chronic Widow is a very nice plant to grow outdoors, bec she prefers a lot of sunlight when growing. A bushy plant that makes it more prone to mildew and pests. You need to put some care and effort to this strain so it could develop dense, sticky bud and large yields. I really liked its earthy and spicy scent that add up to its euphoric effects. It could also reduce stress and depression.

  2. Edith B.

    A perfect blast of sweet and spiciness! her sweet earthy smoke pleases my taste buds..i usually take this before bedtime to relax my body after a tiring day! positive energy kick in and worries fade away..there were times i can’t sleep at night, insomnia attack! wake up the next day exhausted!. but now i enjoy every hit of this happy that time when i planted this in my lawn, i gave her time and effort like having a boyfriend lol no regrets at all! after 8-10weeks, she produce around 870g of buds per plant, by the way she is sun-loving weed thrives in warm climate..Truly, a great cannabis you’ll be thankful for!..

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