CBD gorilla fast

CBD Gorilla Fast Flowering

The Gorilla CBD is a product of a combination between the Gorilla and Dinamed Kush CBD strains. This strain offers gentle effects that does not have any psychoactive consequences, which makes it suitable for smokers who want to alleviate their medical ailments without the narcotics. In addition, unlike other CBD marijuana strains, the Gorilla CBD has a unique aroma and flavor profile, and produces a high amount of resin.

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CBD Gorilla Fast Flower Strain Specifications

Type: Indica (75%), Sativa (25%)
Genetics Parents: Gorilla x Dinamed Kush CBD
Flowering Period: 7 to 9 Weeks
Climate: Sunny/Mediterranean, Temperature/Continental
Yield: up to 500 g/m2 (indoors) ; up to 1000 g/plant (outdoors)
Flavors: Earthy, Diesel
THC Level: 7%
CBD Level: 14%
Height: up to 250 cm
Harvest Period: Mid-October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of CBD Gorilla Fast Flower?

Every toke of this strain will keep the mouth entertained with the combination of the diesel-like flavor and the earthy notes. Usually for CBD strains their flavor profiles are quite similar with each other. However, the genetic mixture of the Gorilla CBD has resulted in a more unique combination of aroma and taste.

The Gorilla CBD has a CBD to THC ratio of 2:1. This means that the psychoactive properties of this strain is not that intense due to the CBD being higher than the THC. Like other hybrid marijuana strains, it still offers an uplifting and tranquil high that does not lead to a couch-lock or even hyper activeness.

What are the Medical Benefits of CBD Gorilla Fast Flower?

For medical users who consume cannabis solely for its medical properties, the Gorilla CBD is known for having a low THC level. This means that it does not provide a psychoactive effect that is commonly enjoyed by recreational users. As it enhances the overall mood of the smoker, it prevents worries that are often experienced by individuals with depression, anxiety, and stress.

In addition, physical conditions such as migraines, arthritis, and cramps can be alleviated as well due to its pain-killing properties.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from CBD Gorilla Fast Flower

There isn’t much info on the side effects of this strain but common conditions like dry mouth and dry eyes may still occur. Fortunately, to prevent these from arising, drinking lots of liquids before smoking might do the trick.

How to Grow CBD Gorilla Fast Flower

For most CBD strains, they do not produce high amounts of trichomes but the Gorilla CBD proves otherwise. This plant has an abundant amount of resins, which it inherited from its genetic parents. It is medium to tall in size and grows to about 8 feets, which might cause problems for growers who do not have much space to offer. The Gorilla CBD is quite bushy with thin and pointed leaves. This plant does not need a high level skill to cultivate. Aside from giving the basic necessities such as water and some nutrients, its low hanging branches need to be pruned.

When growing indoors, the Gorilla CBD can be reaped after 49 to 63 days with up to 17 ounces per square meter of buds. As it is a tall plant, using the Screen of Green (SCRoG) technique can help with controlling the growth.

On the other hand, in an outdoor cultivation, this plant should receive an ample amount of sunlight for it to flourish. Cultivators can harvest up to 35 ounces per plant around the month of October.






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