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Jack Herer Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant strain that’s known for its lovely structure and ease of growth. It is a true blue therapeutic strain with THC levels at 20%. It has euphoric, creative, energetic, and focused effects that can help you with migraines, stress, depression, fatigue, and anxiety. It has average yields and grows small at only 90 cm when mature.

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Great-Scent Medicine in Market

The cannabis activist and a book writer named CBD Jack Herer, it was parented by many other kinds of strains. This comes from a three-way cross of the strains, namely Haze, Northern Lights#5, and the Shiva Skunk. Without any doubt from its bloodline, it has great benefits. This weed contributes a burst of energy, and it makes it to be perfect in a daytime use or even if you need to be productive. With just one hit, it acts quickly, but it does not give you a couch-lock feeling. The most high-yields plant wants much attention, but this train does not.

Growing a CBD Jack Herer, was like a piece of cake in growers. It was highly recommended for those beginners. The feminized seed of this plant assures every cultivator to have such a great potent yield. Looking from afar, its flower buds may seem to lighten, but if you observed in a closer look, its thick coat trichomes were just making it look a bit anemic. Just like its pistils, the tips of its leaves turn like a burning orange.

Employing a Screen of Green setup with soil or even hydroponics thrives best when growing indoors. By the harvesting time comes, it gives a wonderful outcome of 400 to 500 grams every square meter. Like most strains, CBD Jack Herer also adores the warm sun from outdoors; it prospers around 500 grams of great buds each plant. They usually harvest it during the fall season by the early month of October.

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  1. Kian Guides

    Having some jackie is always a blessing. I was really pumped for what this CBD version can bring! The seeds won’t be a bother growing, they develop very quickly and easily! The slight sweet notes masked the strong earthy and dank tastes, it was very smooth and silky on the inhale. Serves up a great head clearing high that keeps you up and refreshed! Deals with my migraines very well. Amazing!

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