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CBD Tangie Feminized

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Tangie Marijuana Seeds is a sweet and sour sativa-dominant strain with THC levels of less than one percent and about 15 percent CBD. This is a small plant growing only up to 110 cm but will produce decent yields of up to 500 grams per plant outdoors and up to 550 grams per square meter indoors. Flavors range from citrus, sweet to tropical.

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More About CBD Tangie

Fantastic Amsterdam Cannabis

CBD Tangie has a trace amount of THC levels of less than one percent and about 15 percent CBD. It came from Amsterdam DNA Genetics that instantly gained popularity and spread throughout the world. This marijuana strain is a popular version of the legendary Tangerine Dream. But, what makes this cannabis strain special to recreational users and cannabis patients?

It’s a cross of a Skunk hybrid and California Orange. It has a citrus heritage, giving a refreshing tangerine aroma. CBD Tangie is grown best outdoors. It is known to produce sticky buds, providing euphoric and relaxing effects. It’s known to provide energetic and uplifting energy.

Growing this strain is a must for those who are looking for an Amsterdam original cannabis strain. Give the right water, nutrients, humidity, amount of light, and temperature levels so you can harvest the best yields for your cannabis grow space.

1 review for CBD Tangie Feminized

  1. Herbert Parker

    CBD Tangie needs a lot of care when growing indoors, it could also produce massive buds when trained! It produces a fresh-tangy scent and was very smooth when inhaled. It could make me relaxed and refresh instantly! This strain is truly amazing, and I highly recommend it.

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