California Dream fem min

California Dream Feminized

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California Dream Marijuana Seeds will grow into indica-dominant hybrid plants. These plants will give you heavy yields with buds coated with rich resin. Grow this average-sized plant outdoors, and you’ll get as much as 800 grams per plant. Cultivate it indoors and get 450 grams per square meter. THC levels are average at 17%, while buds have rich mint, sweet, citrusy, and skunk flavors.

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More About California Dream (fem)

A Grower’s Dream

Cannabis is commonly known for its fuel-like aroma and earthy, musky, and skunky taste. Other strains have a distinct flavor, yet many are still drawn to the classic and original taste of weed. California Dream is right up your alley if you enjoy the pungent smell and sweet earthy flavor. This Indica leaning plant is a perfect treat for those who want to cap their stressful day. One can find solace in the fact that this highly relaxing strain offers a sedative experience in just a few tokes.

While it does not have the couch-lock experience, the tranquilizing effects of this weed are enough to put you down for hours. It is recommended that you smoke this weed early in the evening. Muscle spasms and other body pain are quickly alleviated upon toking this herb. As the name implies, the bright sunny weather of California is a great climate to grow this weed. The warm weather will produce gigantic yields of up to 800 grams per plant.

3 reviews for California Dream Feminized

  1. Zelda

    This strain truly offers a dreamy high. It is easy to look after and is great outdoors. It is a tough plant and was indeed resistant to pest problems. It really grows vigorously in our sunny backyard, but I heard that it thrives also in cold weather which won’t shock me since this strain is quite robust. Growing outdoors was also the best decision since I was aiming for a bountiful harvest and it really was. Needless to say, the minty smoke was deeply pleasant to the body. Though not intense enough to get me couch-locked, its mental high was so dreamy and euphoric. A happy Indica strain for all.

  2. Laura Watchman

    This strain grows tall for about 8ft and I have been trying to cultivate this outdoors; it only took me 9 weeks until it is fully grown. It offers me the feeling of being euphoric, focused and makes me chatty all the time. This offers an amazing smell of skunky pungent and a taste of minty, citrus freshness.

  3. Pauline Finch

    California Dream really tests my patience in growing her, but it pays off everything because it is a high-yielding strain. It has a swift flowering time and is really one of the strong plants I ever developed. And when consumed, this strain could make my social life a lot more active than ever! This strain has an unforgettable scent of earthy scent and a freshness of minty, citrus berries. I am really having a good time using this, and I recommend this to my friends also, and they are delighted with it. This is very fulfilling!

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