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Black Haze Feminized

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The Black Haze Feminized, a slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid is a result of combining three classic parent strains, Colombian Gold, Colombian Black, and Purple Haze. The strain is relatively easy to grow but breeders with experience can maximize its full yield potential of dark olive green buds with a fairly short flowering time.

Aside from that, its soaring high THC level at 22% delivers an uplifting and exciting effect that is ideal for an afternoon pot session and best shared with a group of friends as the strain can get you more chatty for hours. It is truly an attractive strain for users who adore high THC strain and growers of any type.

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Black Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds Strain Specifications

  • Type: Mostly Sativa, Feminized
  • Genetics Parents: Colombian Black x Colombian Gold x Purple Haze
  • Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks
  • Climate: Mediterranean / Warm
  • Yield: 350-400G/m²
  • Flavors: Sweet, Berry, Pine, Cherry, Sage, Woody
  • THC Level: 22%
  • CBD Level: Low
  • Height: 80-100 cm
  • Harvest Period: mid-October
  • Growing Difficulty: Beginner

What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Haze Feminized?

Black Haze has a pronounced aroma and flavors. The woody, sweet berry flavor has an aftertaste of smooth cherry. And the aroma of burning sweet cherry wood with an earthy undertone, when broken into two, the buds release a mild spicy aroma. Its appearance consists of uneven buds with dark olive green color and dark orange hairs while the trichomes are coated with tiny crystal amber colors.

In terms of effects, the potent THC level is a one-hard punch hit that delivers an uplifting high. The mellow cerebral buzz offers a boost of mood and euphoria that keeps you focused on tasks. A perfect afternoon strain, the high increases your focus then shifts slowly to a more chatty state with people around you and it can last for hours. The comedown will lead you to a state of body relaxation turning into arousal.

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Haze Feminized?

This hybrid strain has several therapeutic benefits that are proven to be effective for both physical and mental health conditions. It is said to be an ideal treatment for patients combatting depression, stress, and migraines. The anti-inflammatory qualities can aid patients with chronic pains like arthritis. Patients fighting seizures can also benefit from this powerful strain. Although not famous for treating insomnia, the soporific effect can give you a little help to get a deep and peaceful sleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Black Haze Feminized

Black Haze still carries unfavorable effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes which are common discomforts in any marijuana. Dry mouth is a temporary effect that can be avoided by keeping hydrated, drinking more non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated beverages will neutralize the dryness. Applying a lubricating eye drop to your red and itchy eyes will remove the discomfort.

How to Grow Black Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Black Haze has 60% Sativa and 40% Indica which makes it an almost perfect match. The strain is easy to grow which is a plus, especially to beginners. The flowering period is around 9-10 weeks with height usually reaching about 80-100 cm tall and a decent harvest of dense buds with sugar leaves. Black Haze Fem thrives in an indoor and outdoor environment without any difficulties at all.

In an indoor setup, it performs in a controlled environment keeping its temperature, humidity level, and light and dark schedule. Outdoors, a warm and sunny climate can help achieve its full yield potential. Whether it’s cultivated in a grow room or outside, the expected yield is between 350-400 grams of ready-to-cure and used beautiful buds.

1 review for Black Haze Feminized

  1. Toussaint

    This stuff will make you feel fantastic! Tastes like shoe leather, asphalt, dandelions, and Starbucks Tribute Blend coffee. High is cerebral but in more of an emotional way than an intellectual one. It is a little creative, but barely. Mostly there just a feeling of increased wellbeing and intuition. Possibly also the giggles. No paranoia was noted, nor anxiety exacerbated. Great for daytime! Overall this strain is outstanding.

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