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Badazz Rolex Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant strain known for its lovely appearance but deadly THC. You’ll get buds with 22% THC enough to keep you soaring. This plant grows up to 120 cm and will flower fast in just 8 to 10 weeks. You’ll love its dense buds teeming with berry, pine, spicy and herbal flavors.

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More About Badazz Rolex (fem)

A Complicated Fusion of Delicate Weed

Badazz Rolex is an Indica dominant strain made from the fusion of two very complex and delicate Indica hybrids. You have Rolex OG Kush that is well-known to have a complicated mix of flavors and Bad Azz Kush and its careful mix of potent high and subtle tastes. At first, this fusion might be impossible to look at in paper; however, cultivators have done the impossible by breeding these two together and even formed a feminized version of the plant.

With its high THC volume of up to 23%, expect a lot of tossing and turning with its mental high. The cerebral rush will come in waves, and the uplifting effects begin to overcome your senses. The head rush should be followed by a sedated experience that will let you sink your shoulders and feet into the couch. A highly recommended nighttime smoke, this weed will keep you company for many hours at night with its long-lasting effects.

As much as anyone would love to grow this weed, its complicated and delicate cultivation process may take some experience; however, an indoor environment with the help of hydroponics setup should guarantee enough yield for harvest.

2 reviews for Badazz Rolex

  1. Lori J

    I highly recommend to use this during the night time preferably if you do no have any early appointments for the next day. Its effects were very strong, I slept so good and my insomnia wasn’t acting up at all. The taste was exciting as well. It has this sour berry taste with fruity and pine flavors combined. it was actually very interesting. I grew this indoors as it was a fairly short plant. Mine grew at around 3.5ft. What I love the most is that this plant gave me more than expected. I harvested 400g/m2 of buds in just 2 months! the heavy yield was definitely worth the effort in growing this plant. not really great for beginners as it needed a lot of monitoring but if you are dedicated then I bet it’s doable. Will buy this again!

  2. A. Perkins

    Such a soothing strain that smoke taste like a berry pine with spice when touches my tongue. oh wooow! this is so kind to me simply her calming high helps me combat depression which is hard to overcome,mostly if im restless,just feel grateful!.9 weeks to bloom and i cropped yields of good-smelling buds nearly 430g/plant. planting her outdoor, she demands plenty of sunlight. rest assured no effort and time are wasted. Pick this now!

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