american pie feminized marijuana seeds

American Pie Feminized Marijuana Seeds

American Pie Feminized is a premium-grade marijuana strain that has mostly Sativa genetics in it. We get this prized American Pie Feminized strain by crossbreeding the legendary White Widow strain with the robust and hefty Power Plant. These plants can reach as high as 300cm in height, fully displaying the sativa dominance in the plant’s structures. While this is not a strain that beginners should be growing, the rewards of a successful operation will truly be worth it! 

If the shining look of the buds doesn’t get you hooked to this strain, then maybe the sweet flavors will. There are soft traces of fruits that you should be able to pick up as well. But with this, you also smell a sort of musky and damp aroma. Prepare to feel psychedelic in your minds as the 20% THC puts your whole mood on blast! 

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American Pie Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant, 80% (Feminized)
Genetics Parents: White Widow x Power Plant
Flowering Period: 65-70 Days
Climate: Tropical, Mediterranean, Humid
Yields: 550g/m2 indoors and 300 to 1000g/plant outdoors
Flavors: Sweet, Fruity, Dank, Earthy
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: 0.6%
Height: 60 cm to 300 cm
Harvest Period: Mid October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

What are the Flavors and Effects of American Pie Feminized?

American Pie Feminized buds will taste sweet and slightly fruity notes with a delicate mix of dank earthiness. The zest and tanginess coming together with the soil-like flavor can easily be one of the best things you will ever taste out of marijuana smoke! Terpenes and scents give you the same profiles.

This hybrid will pretty much stray away from the common energizing effects that most other sativa strains will cause. Instead, this strain gives a much more psychedelic type of high that spins your head around and keeps you in a mind-altering state for long hours. American Pie also keeps you relaxed, giving you little options in your day aside from crashing into the couch and thinking of all sorts of out-of-this-world ideas. 

What are the Medical Benefits of American Pie Feminized? 

Medical Mary Jane patients may also utilize the buds of American Pie Feminized for clearing their heads of any disruptive thoughts. Attention-deficit conditions and other mental problems such as high stress levels, depression, and anxiety will find solace in how this strain works. Additionally, the stone that temporarily numbs your body will prove effective in healing muscle and body pains.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From American Pie Feminized

Rarely will you find a marijuana strain that does not come with any potential negative effects, so you should expect the same with the improper consumption of American Pie Feminized? Some of the most commonly reported side effects of this strain include feeling nervous and anxious about your whole surrounding. It normally happens when you smoke too much of this weed and cross the tolerance threshold that you have for THC.

How to Grow American Pie Feminized

Controlling the climate is necessary if you want to have a successful growing operation with these American Pie Feminized seeds. These plants may refuse to grow at the right pace if they are placed under cold or moist conditions. It is crucial to maintain a tropical or Mediterranean-like climate to allow them to feel comfortable in growing. 

Plants of American Pie Feminized tend to grow fairly tall, so pruning and defoliation should make up a good part of the whole growing process. Flowers will be ready for harvest around mid-October and takes around 65 to 70 days on average. 

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