3 Kings Feminized

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3 Kings Marijuana Seeds is a sativa dominant cannabis strain ideal for experienced growers. It is a strain with a happy and relaxed effect capable of providing up to 700 grams of yield per plant outdoors and up to 600 grams of yield per square meter indoors. It will produce diesel, citrus, earthy, pine, sweet, and woody flavors.

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Experience The Holy Trinity In One Try

Even cannabis comes with its own hierarchy, and what we have to offer is the holy trinity of legendary genetics. Meet 3 Kings. It is the offspring of cross-breeding OG Kush, Headband, and Sour Diesel. Its potency ranges from 14 to 19 percent THC, and it definitely lets its smokers know that. Its thick, green buds smell very sour and tangy, but what gives the ultimate warning is the sharp fragrance that it comes with.

Though the 3 Kings is not really the ultimate heavy hitter, it gives a strong and surprising cerebral punch that helps you focus more and boost your creativity. It also provides pain relief and relaxation that can help with dealing with arthritis, migraines, and other body pains.

When fully grown, it can reach a maximum of 6 feet, but it can undergo plant training for a medium-sized grow tent. The flowering stage can be reached within 8 to 10 weeks, with a great 600-gram yield.

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2 reviews for 3 Kings Feminized

  1. Gravel

    This is an impressive high! quick to the head where it settles in drops the lids and then moves to the whole body; intense; long-lasting, great for daytime use & engaging in other activities; it tapers off evenly & slowly; smooth. This is not one for true newbies because it packs a punch…a nice punch, but you feel it. The smell is a sour-diesel with a hint of citrus (lemon to me). The first taste has the aroma of fibrous soil, almost like sandalwood, from the OG, followed by a nice, crisp diesel taste with a hint of lemon that it gets from S. Diesel. I’ve by no means tasted even half of everything out there! But as an older head, I’ve been around. So it’s not often that a strain gets immediate “high” marks from me. Thumbs up for this strain!

  2. Lavoie

    One of the best Sativa’s I have ever had because it made me so happy & euphoric. Also, was uplifted & relaxed. Cerebral effects without the heavy sedation. The light green buds had light brown hairs & lots of fine crystals. The taste & smell was earthy & pine. Best to use in the morning or afternoon. Finished several projects and no drowsiness! Highly recommended!

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