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Ultra Violet OG Feminized

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Ultra Violet OG Marijuana Seeds is a mix of a Face Off OG and a potent Purple Indica strain. This is an indica-dominant strain that’s capable of producing an intense relaxing high that can take you to a deep slumber. You will grow potent dense buds with delicious citrus, flowery, and violet flavors.

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More About Ultra Violet OG Feminized

A Quick Flowering and Colorful Indica

If it’s good genetics you are looking for in your Indica, you might enjoy acquiring these Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds. Getting their colorful, striking looks from the Purple Indica and their quick flowering time and impressive THC levels from the Face Off OG, the end result is the enhanced Ultra Violet OG. It has aesthetically pleasing looks, and its THC levels range from 16 to 20 percent.

With these feminized seeds, you will be able to celebrate harvest in just a matter of 7 to 9 weeks, and as they are feminized, there is no need to worry about waste on males. The plants mature at 150 cm with generous yields – usually up to 500 grams.

With this strain, you will be able to experience a floral scent and flavor. It has traces of violets, hints of earthiness, some spiciness, and a subtle citrus hint for a unique and amazing experience.

1 review for Ultra Violet OG Feminized

  1. Uther D.

    Such a beautiful plant to grow and smoke! This strain is naturally stout, sturdy, and resistant to common plant problems such as molds. As long as you make sure that it’s safe from extreme heat or cold then all is well. This is why growing indoors was a breeze for me to cultivate. Exposing it to a cold temperature at its maturity revealed its real violet beauty. It was almost hard for me to harvest but I had to–and guess what, the yields were worth it. Indica lovers will surely love its potency of physical relaxation with a subtle head high. Adding also its citrus flavor to the mix, then it’s perfect. I highly recommend this strain for your personal stash.

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