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Triangle Kush Feminized

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Triangle Kush Marijuana Seeds is an indica dominant cannabis strain with a stunning appearance. It is a strain that’s easy to grow and, thus, recommended for beginners. This strain can produce average yields but will respond well to early plant training. It will flower early in just 8 to 10 weeks, giving you buds with citrus, earthy, pine, sour, spicy, and sweet flavors.

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More About Triangle Kush Feminized

Florida’s Favorite Homegrown Indica

Honoring Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa, the three giant cannabis producers in Florida, the Triangle Kush is a favorite among Indica-inclined users. This strain came to be after crossing the Chem Dawg, Hindu Kush, and Lemon Thai, resulting in average levels of THC at 17 to 21 percent.

From its strong OG Kush ancestor, this strain has a diesel-like scent and a skunk undertone. When smoking this, just a few hits will get you hit by intense flavors with a blend of sour lemony flavors, a spicy taste with hints of pine, and an earth-like flavor.

The Triangle Kush flowers at about 70 days to reach the flowering stage. As it hails from Florida, it performs better in drier climates, and it reaches the height of 100 to 150 cm, on average. The usual yields range at about 400 grams per plant.

These feminized Triangle Kush seeds come with a high germination rate with topnotch genetics.

3 reviews for Triangle Kush Feminized

  1. John F.

    A pleasant indica body buzz without any of the couch lock and a light cerebral buzz to choose from. I suffers from constant back/nerve pain that causes severe headaches and nausea, which leads to anxiety and depression. After my first smoke, I noticed a difference in my nausea, as well as a decrease in my lower back pain and headaches. It has hints of pine and an earthy scent, making for a delicious taste. Growing it outdoors can yield up to 450g and reach a height of 120cm. This is an ideal strain to use at any time of day!

  2. Gordon

    Perfect for nighttime stress relief. It smells like sweet earth with notes of diesel and tropical fruit. The taste is slightly sour and very earthy. These are some plump, dense kush-looking nugs with tinges of purple. The high is relaxed but pronounced and focused. It has a strong buzz! that makes me creative and happy although not as euphoric as I expected. Great strain!

  3. Morgan

    This strain is great for calming racing thoughts. I have good focus, though I’m quite chatty at the moment! Munchies are at a minimum. It a very relaxing. I feel like I’m wrapped in a cloud. Keep some ice water or a nice glass of iced tea handy, as this one will dry out your mouth in a hurry. That is the only negative I’ve experienced. I took this in a dry vaporizer and also a few hits from a joint. Earth and skunk flavors are very prominent, a relaxing buzz. It’s a 10/10 for me!

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