Skywalker Autoflower

Skywalker Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Skywalker is a well-known cannabis strain in the United States. THC levels peak at around 15%, making this a potent strain that falls somewhere between average and below-average. But it makes up for it with a pleasant fragrance and taste, as well as a gentle body boost and psychological clarity. It’s a cross between Blueberry and Mazar-I-Sharif, both well-known strains.

The other cortical effects follow, uplifting and making users feel happy. This strain is perfect for relaxation. Like the body high that comes with these effects, Skywalker’s cravings effect is mild compared to some pure Sativas but still numbingly potent. 

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Skywalker Autoflowering Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant
Genetic Parents: Blueberry x Mazar I Sharif
Flowering Period: 10 weeks
Climate: hot, sunny, dry Mediterranean climate
Yield: 450g/m2 Indoor, 40-200G/plant Outdoor
Flavors: Fruity, Pine, Spicy, Sweet, Berry
THC Level: 15%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: Mid October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Skywalker Autoflowering?

Skywalker’s flavors are close to what its scent suggests: the sweet berry taste is unmistakable and surprisingly easy to recognize, even for seasoned smokers. New pine cones and fruits dominate the flavor profile, with a hint of spice in the smoke.

The pre-Skywalker variant of this variety, according to experienced users, is superior to the much-hyped OG version. Skywalker is a great nightcap smoke, particularly for experienced smokers who can enjoy the distinct high even more. This strain can become heavy and sedating if the dosage increases, so it’s best used at the end of a long day. This sativa can make you feel joyful and uplifted, as well as euphoric and steady. Soon, you’ll sink into your seat and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of true bliss. Skywalker is an excellent strain to smoke when you’re ready for a good night’s rest.

What are the Medical Benefits of Skywalker Autoflowering? 

Skywalker gives you a spacey high that is both energizing and calming. This is what makes it such a potent stress reliever. Its powerful indica dominant properties work their magic by calming both the mind and body and instilling a very relaxing feeling. This strain is also effective at managing pain symptoms. Skywalker is a common medicinal cannabis strain that has been prescribed for a variety of ailments. This indica successfully treats muscle pain, joint pain, and menstrual cramps, as well as aches like migraines and headaches. If you have insomnia, Skywalker may be the answer. Its heavy-bodied sensations, coupled with its smooth, calming cranial high, do an excellent job of reducing stressors that can keep you awake, helping you relax and sleep soundly. Skywalker is also an effective strain for treating mood disorders. Patients suffering from depression and anxiety have been known to find relief from this burden, helping them relax their nerves and change their attitude to a more optimistic and uplifted state.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Skywalker Autoflowering 

This strain may have a problematic come down, with some users reporting a mild headache at the end of a peak. If you aren’t used to Skywalker’s potency, it can make you feel somewhat dizzy, and in extreme situations, this can trigger mild anxiety. The most common symptom of this strain is a feeling of dehydration. This generally means that when you smoke Skywalker, you’ll get a dry mouth, which a case of dry eyes can often follow.

How to Grow Grand Skywalker Autoflowering?

Skywalker Auto is an excellent indoor plant. This sativa strain can be grown outdoors, but it performs best in its preferred climate. This short plant is resistant to common molds and mildews, making it a good choice for inexperienced growers.

Skywalker’s indoor yield is expected to be about 450 grams per square meter on average. After 9 to 10 weeks of flowering, this plant is ready for a hearty harvest. Skywalker thrives best in a hot, humid setting. This bud is typically ready for harvest from around the middle of October, and each plant should yield between 40 and 200 grams.

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