Pure Kush Feminized

Pure Kush Feminized

As the name suggests, Pure Kush is a pure Kush strain with a reddish/pink pistil and bud. However, Pure Kush’s appeal goes beyond its good looks; This is a beginner-friendly strain with many potentials. ScrOG is the optimal growth environment for Pure Kush.

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Pure Kush Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Kush phenotype
Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks
Climate: Sunny, Warm, Mediterranean
Yield: 850-900 gr/m² indoors, 850-900 gr/plant outdoors
Flavours: Fruity, Kush, Sweet
THC Level: 19%
CBD Level: 0-1%
Height: Short
Harvest Period: September to October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavors and Effects of Pure Kush Feminized?

This Ganja Pure Kush Fem with indica dominant is delicious and robust, sweet and spicy. It has a 19% THC level, which guarantees high strength. This deep relaxation of the body allows you to relieve any tension. When consumers start feeling euphoric and creative, their creative juices will flow. As the euphoria and energy boom continues, consumer sentiment begins to change. When the mind is stimulated for several hours, a feeling of profound comfort increases, tense muscles relax, and limbs feel heavier. As a result, consumers experience a sense of euphoria and excitement while remaining calm and comfortable both mentally and physically, a feeling known as the “perfect combination.” Overuse of this weed has been shown to cause psychoactive effects and even bind the user to the couch, so it is advisable to use it sparingly.

What are the Medical Benefits of Pure Kush Feminized?

Medical marijuana patients benefit both physically and mentally from the various effects of this type. Stress, depression, and even PTSD can be treated with euphoric and mood-elevating effects. An optimistic and encouraging attitude helps users improve their mood and experience true satisfaction by capturing tragic memories and negative views that haunt patients even after taking the drug. The sedative properties of this strain, combined with the euphoric charge it creates, make it an excellent anxiolytic as it relieves nervous sensations and allows the patient to have a calm and focused mind without feeling anxious. The sedative and analgesic properties of this strain can help with various pain problems, including chronic pain, muscle spasms, headaches, and joint pain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Pure Kush Feminized

Smoking Pure Kush feminized marijuana, like any other type of marijuana, can cause dry mouth and eyes. Staying hydrated before and after smoking helps relieve the problem of dehydration, making it easy to treat. Always have hydrating eye drops on hand if you have dry eyes.

How to Grow Pure Kush Feminized

Indoors or outdoors, this breed thrives in cool, sunny, and humid climates. Due to its bushy habit, it is recommended that branches and foliage be pruned frequently to allow good air circulation and light transmission. To remove the purple colour of the plant, increase its vigour, and improve its taste, expose the plant to a temperature at night that is at least 10 degrees lower than during the day during its vegetative phase. The flowering time of Pure Kush lasts 9-10 weeks, and the plant yields 850-900g/m² when grown indoors and up to 850-900g/plant outdoors.

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