Mochalope Feminized

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Mochalope Marijuana Seeds is a fast-flowering, indica-dominant strain. It is a deliciously-potent strain with high THC at 24% and high yields. It flowers early at 6 to 8 weeks with very powerful dense buds with coffee, earthy and chocolatey flavors. This strain has a relaxed and euphoric effect, which will help you reduce pain, arthritis, stress, anxiety, and depression.

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More About Mochalope (fem)

Mochalope (fem): A Heavy Mocha Combo Bud

Mochalope has set itself different from other cannabis strains because of the emitting distinct aromas of coffee and chocolate. Furthermore, this Indica-dominant hybrid has high THC levels that even surpasses the requirement for great relaxation. Her taste is an enticing treat to many enthusiasts. A heavy, homey scent composes the majority of its flavor description emphasized by the persuading flavors of coffee and chocolate with spicy and sweet notes.

Mochalope is a feminized seed that originated from Oregon Afghani. Her name is taken from its fragrance, and it is a pleasure for medicinal and recreational use. Likewise, it is a rapacious originator of heavy-resin buds. Growing this seed is commonly done using a traditional approach or exploiting a training process. Either way, it prospers outdoors and indoors. Being exposed to proper growing conditions, you can look forward to the feminized seeds to generate abundant yields.

On fragrance, taste, and cultivation, Mochalope is essentially for everyone, excluding the high.

4 reviews for Mochalope Feminized

  1. C. Dodery

    A slight euphoria fills my mind a few minutes after taking a hit, and dark moods begin to lighten. The cerebral stimulation gives way to a soothing sensation that pervades my entire body. It takes a little while to appear, but once it does, it transforms into a, numbing stone. My sweet tongue was pleased by the sweet and spicy flavors with a mocha aftertaste. Around 8 weeks after planting, it flower. It does, even then, produce consistently higher-quality buds, with yields of up to 580g. This is the perfect strain for me!

  2. Lessard

    A very nice strain! Providing deeply relaxing benefits, it is characterized by a creamy coffee and chocolate flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth, as well as your need to unwind and chill. The stems are thick and sturdy to bear the weight of their heavy and dense buds. Also, the flowers are tightly spun and speckled with reddish-orange pistils. Combined with their amazing scent, they have a huge bag appeal. In the beginning, it will hit you with uplifting euphoria. Besides, it can lighten the mood to ease depression. I would grow this strain again!

  3. Savard

    This strain makes it ideal for beginner home growers and very easy for cultivators of all experience levels. The plant is a medium-height throughout its life, making it a good fit for any size grow space. It produces heavy and dense buds. The flavor is redolent with coffee and chocolate, with all the subtleties that coffee beans and cacao seeds carry. Besides sweetness, there is spiciness from pepper and clove. The soothing sensation will soon expand outward into the body. My muscles and joints will turn rubbery as stress and tension dissolve. Even in small amounts, the couch-lock can be overwhelming. But still, caution must be exercised when consuming Mochalope. The scrumptious flavor makes it easy to overindulge, but everyone – newbies and veterans – should take care so as not to experience dizziness and headaches. It’s a 5 star of this strain!

  4. Wertheim J.

    It was simple to grow this mocha-flavored strain as long as it was given some TLC, such as pruning and maintaining a constant temperature and humidity. It developed at a rapid pace, and harvesting its large crops was a thrilling experience. But it was when I took my first sniff that I realized the true reward–all my worries vanished! After that, I simply sat back and relaxed in its deeply relaxing couch-lock. Simply I love it!

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