Lucid Dream Fem

Lucid Dream Feminized

Lucid Dream is a Sativa-leaning hybrid strain. This powerful strain is an offshoot of two equally strong parents, Blue Dream, a famous daytime weed that excites users for its euphoric high, and American Haze which is an offspring from the mysterious ancestral of South Asian and Jamaican strains.

Also, its parents share a strikingly high THC that measures between 20-28%, with a moderately high CBD of 4%. This extremely potent strain can be overwhelming for beginners as the cerebral high can be too euphoric in a single hit. The uplifting and mood-enhancing effects are great for multiple symptoms in the mind and body. This strain is easy to grow and produces an enormous harvest of high-quality nugs. This is truly a dream come true for growers of all types.

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Lucid Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds Strain Specifications

Type: Mostly Sativa, Feminized
Genetics Parents: Blue Dream x Amnesia Haze
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
Climate: Warm / Mediterranean / Sunny
Yield: 340-400G/m² indoor, 400G/plant outdoor
Flavors: Sweet, Floral, Earthy, Pungent, Blueberry
THC Level: 20-28%
CBD Level: 4%
Height: Up to 180 cm
Harvest Period: Late September – early October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Lucid Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Smoking Lucid Dream releases a strong scent of blueberry mixed with floral scents. It blends delightfully with an earthy aroma. The flavor, on the other hand, is identical to its taste with an outburst of blueberry flavor that stays on the palate, along with a rich lemon aftertaste.

Cannabis aficionados admired the strain’s effects as it promotes a mix of physical and mental highs. Expect an intense potent high from this marijuana because the THC level can go as high as 28%. This is not an ideal strain for novice users, even seasoned ones who smoke this for the first time. The high starts with a mood-enhancing and euphoric effect that promotes a clear and focused mind making the user vigilant of any details. The energy you get from this strain makes the user continue on tasks. As the high gets clearer, the body is placed in a deeply relaxing state, comforting both the mind and body. This sedating and calming strain easily reduces anxiety and stress.

What are the Medical Benefits of Lucid Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

The strain’s 4% CBD level is undeniably one of the trending strains in the market today. One thing to note, its psychoactive effects can relieve several symptoms, but it does claim as a cure to any health issues. The uplifting and energizing effects wash away negative thoughts and worries, making it an excellent companion for people with depression. Stress cannot exhibit as soon as the high starts to improve one’s mood. Its pain-relieving qualities act as an analgesic, which reduces chronic aches and pains from different parts of the body. Inflammation is also reduced with the regular use of this strain. Patients suffering from muscle tension, cramps, and fatigue can benefit from the strain’s full-bodied relaxation.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Lucid Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Lucid Dream is known for its cerebral effects. It is not surprising that consuming too much may make its user paranoid and anxious. Apart from those adverse effects, it can also cause dehydration, dry eyes, and cottonmouth. It is easily relieved by drinking a lot of fluids and applying eye drops. To avoid these discomforts and adverse reactions, it is highly recommended to consume in small amounts, especially for newbies.

How to Grow Lucid Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Lucid Dream is easy to grow but it is rare as the seeds are not commercially available in any dispensaries. It flowers in 8-9 weeks and finishes its height of up to 180 cm, providing all growers with a decent harvest of healthy buds. Lucid Dream Fem thrives indoors and outdoors.

Indoors, this mid-sized plant demands the preferred humidity and temperature that you need to keep track of regularly. Trimming the plant at the top is recommended as they grow tall, especially if indoors. Pruning the lower leaves is also recommended for proper airflow and light distribution. The estimated yield indoors is 340-400 grams per square meter. When outdoors, the plant performs well in a sunny and warm location with a Mediterranean-like climate. Growers can start collecting their fresh bounty of up to 400 grams per plant by late September to early October.


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