Guava Kush Autoflower

Guava Kush Autoflower

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The wide presence of autoflowering genetics has surely shifted the balance between using different types of marijuana seeds out there! And what better way to kick things off than with this Guava Kush Auto strain? This is an indica-dominant ruderalis strain which is fairly new to the whole weed scene. It was first developed when growers took the original Guava Kush strain (believed to be Guava x OG Kush) and incorporated some ruderalis genetics into it!

Having taken part in the High Times Cannabis Cup Awards last 2014, this strain sure has a lot to offer in terms of its flavors and effects. With an astounding presence of herbs and lime in the taste coupled with a high that is perfectly balanced with euphoria and relaxation, Guava Kush Auto is definitely making its way through the ranks! The autoflowering genetics also make it a very viable option for any grower out there!

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Guava Kush Autoflowering Strain Specifications

Type: 55% Indica, 35% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis, Autoflowering
Genetics Parents: Guava Kush x Ruderalis
Growing Period: 8-9 Weeks
Climate: Warm
Yields: 400G/M² indoor and High outdoor
Flavors: Herbs, Lime, Spices, Fruity, Tropical, Wood
THC Level: 17%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: 130/160 cm
Harvest Period: End of October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Guava Kush Autoflowering?

Guava Kush Auto could stun you with the goodness of the smoke that comes with it! Often described as being savory yet sweet at the same time, this autoflowering hybrid will captivate each one of your tastebuds with a complex set of flavors! You are bound to notice this rich, earthy smell once you harvest the buds. Introducing them straight into the grinder will bring out this amazing fruity scent that emits crazy tropical vibes.

Once you actually start smoking these buds, you will instantly taste all those terpenes blending in together to form a robust taste of pure delight! In addition to reflecting the smells very well, the flavor of Guava Kush Auto also comes with a spicy note that elevates the taste to a different level. Bursts of fruits and sweetness complete the whole flavor package, which is pretty darn enticing!

The indica properties of Guava Kush is fairly easy to distinguish due to being such a calming and relaxing strain. Despite having the ruderalis presence seemingly toning down the strength of this hybrid, this Guava Kush Auto can still be pretty strong itself! The effects will take a while to really start making themselves felt. A creeping sense of euphoria and tranquility make its way up and down your body. This won’t nearly be as numbing and couch-locking as other strains out there, but it will definitely be just as calming in the nerves!

Oftentimes, your body starts feeling heavy as the sleepiness of this strain makes it hard to keep your eyes open. This nighttime companion is best served during the latter hours of the day! As you begin to be overwhelmed by these strong senses of unmotivation, you won’t have much energy to spend! The high also simultaneously comes with a clear-headed sensation of happiness and uplifted spirits!

What are the Medical Benefits of Guava Kush Autoflowering?

At its peak, you are given a very mild and modest high that will do nothing to overpower the functions of your body. This makes Guava Kush Auto a very viable choice for medical marijuana patients who prefer soft-hitting strains. The natural physical sensations that come with this indica-dominant strain give patients a very satisfying muscle therapy session that eases their nerves and treats mild cases of pain and body discomfort. It is a trait that will work well in curing conditions such as multiple sclerosis, debilitating chronic pain, swelling body parts, stiffness in the joints, migraines, and more common body aches.

The follow-up of mental stimulation also makes this marijuana strain a top choice for remedying certain mood disorders and bipolar conditions. Symptoms of frequent anxiety, panic, the tension in the mind, stress, and depression are all mitigated with the upbeat thoughts that Guava Kush Auto brings.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Guava Kush Autoflowering

There is not much to report about Guava Kush Auto in terms of its adverse side effects. Because it is a soft-hitting hybrid with a mellowed down THC level, smokers could easily control the doses that they take without being prone to overuse. However, there is still the possibility of having dry eyes and cottonmouth due to the cannabinoid content found in the buds.

Users should not worry, though, as these sensations are quite normal and temporary to experience. They can also easily be controlled or lessened through drinking lots of water to keep the liquid levels in your body at an optimal amount.

How to Grow Guava Kush Autoflowering?

Through the crossing of a ruderalis gene into the original Guava Kush strain, we are given a very convenient and fast growing version of the original one! Any cultivator, whether they are beginners or have a fair amount of experience under their belt, could surely benefit from the amazing features of Guava Kush Auto. It is a very durable plant which will need low maintenance in your setups. Regardless of where you wish to place these Guava Kush Auto seeds, they will grow plump and ripe buds each and every time!

Because these are autoflowering seeds, the plants that they will sprout into are very short and compact. You can always place a trellis or apply different techniques in order to boost the yields of this strain. The bright green color of the leaves and buds blend significantly well with the even layers of trichomes that surround the colas.

Yields measure above average amounts, considering that they are autoflowering variants. Growers can get around 400 grams or more from these plants. It will take only around 8 to 9 weeks for this strain to fully grow and mature! That’s about as fast as it can get for your average autoflowering strain!

2 reviews for Guava Kush Autoflower

  1. Colton

    This weed is great it’s unlike other strains it has a different type of smell but hits great! Currently one of my best strains I’ve smoked. Nice mellow high, felt like it lasted a long while. In other words, it’s pretty fire. I’ve been wanting to give this strain a try for a while now I finally found some and could not pass it up. I have a high tolerance usually smoke a gram and half in a backwood to feel anything. I packed a bowl in my bong just to try it and wow it pushed past my tolerance and got me super stoned. Must try!

  2. Hannah

    For the cannabis fanatic going after a smoking experience focused on flavor, Guava Kush is what you’re looking for. Its fruity, tropical flavors are strong and just overall delicious. But, considering this is an Indica (the Guava Kush I got from my dispensary was measured at Indica 55/15 Sativa dominant) I give it a 5-star rating because of its flavor and the fact that it gives you a good smoking experience. Take it in small doses for the most uplifting cerebral and body high. And the tropical smell makes the taste refreshing. Keep this strain to lazy Sundays, Best Indica for right before bed! I will purchase more soon.

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