Crown Royale Feminized

Crown Royale Feminized

Here is a strain from the established seed breeders in Crop King Seeds. This is the Crown Royale Feminized marijuana strain, a genetic hybrid bred under some of the best conditions of the Canadian weed gardens. It is highly praised for the amount of both THC and CBD that it contains, which makes it a top-shelf choice for both medical and recreational users. The name does this strain great justice as it truly is one fit for royalty! As one of “The King’s” most prized strains out there, Crown Royale will definitely leave any avid weed fan out there satisfied.

Crown Royale consists of indica-dominant qualities taken from some of the most prominent and decorated parent strains in the weed market. Genetics of some Purple Kush as well as some Blueberry guarantee that any buyers of these Crown Royale Feminized seeds will get their money’s worth! Whether you want to stay high during your day’s agenda or start resting up during the late night hours, blazing up on these Crown Royale buds is going to be something you’re gonna want by your side!   

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Crown Royale Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant, (70% Indica, 30% Sativa), Feminized
Genetics Parents: Purple Kush x Blueberry
Flowering Period: 9 Weeks
Climate: Cool, Semi-humid, Mediterranean
Yields: 400G Indoors and 500G Outdoors
Flavors: Pungent, Grapes, Tart, Fruity, Floral, Spices
THC Level: 21.50%
CBD Level: 2.10%
Height: Short
Harvest Period: Mid October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Crown Royale Feminized?

If you ask anyone who has been regularly using these Crown Royale marijuana buds frequently, they are not going to run out of nice things to say about the flavors and smells of this prized hybrid! You are undeniably going to be tasting those sweet and luscious notes of blueberries. With the influence of its parent strains having a tight grip on how this strain performs, smokers are surely going to get their taste buds elevated with the tartness and fruity notes that make for a very pleasant smoking experience. 

The smells and terpene composition of Crown Royale will be just as appetizing as how it actually tastes. While the pungent scent of sweetness and freshly harvested berries will be the main highlight of its scent, a very mellow pairing of flowers and pine give it a more fragrant and “lustful” type of accent.

As with most of the indica-dominant strains that you will try out, Crown Royale imparts a high that makes its presence felt gradually and slowly. Your head will begin to feel under a swelling amount of pressure as the relaxing and euphoric buzzes mount themselves in your mind. While this starts turning into a more calming and dream-filled cerebral high, you may tend to notice that you will lose certain degrees of focus and motivation to carry out anything you have planned out for the day! 

Moreover, the physically stoning high will also travel down all the way to your feet, covering every inch of your body in a tight hug of bliss and relaxation. Keep in mind that, while it is a highly restful and laid-back type of stone, you may still find the sense to walk around and do some other activities such as strolling through the park or heading to the mall and watching a movie! The strong indica presence combined with just the right touch of sativa energy makes this one of the most highly sold strains in the USA and Canada! 

What are the Medical Benefits of Crown Royale Feminized?

This hybrid does carry a respectable 2.10% level of CBD, which means that it can work with the THC levels to produce some health-promoting benefits and values. Some of the more common medical applications of this Crown Royale strain include treating certain levels of pain and discomfort in the body with its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Chronic pain, muscle spasms, stiffness in the limbs, fibromyalgia, back pains, migraines, and arthritic conditions will feel much better after taking ample doses of Crown Royale.

It is also a strain that will be frequently recommended to medical patients who will feel sharp pain and stings from chemotherapy. Crown Royale can also help balance out your state of mind, bringing people who feel nauseous and dizzy back up to speed. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Crown Royale Feminized

It is no secret that Crown Royale can still come with some adverse effects that will leave users feeling pretty uncomfortable. The THC level of 21.50% is actually a pretty high amount, given that other strains with lower THC levels can also cause some sensations of unease and discomfort in a smoker’s mind. The stubbornness of some users out there can lead them to smoke too much of these buds, which will often lead to them feeling extremely dizzy and nauseous. Along with some vomiting, their whole vibe could shift to one filled with paranoia and panic.

Reports also claim that dry eyes and cottonmouth are recurring side effects of Crown Royale. This is mainly caused by not being hydrated enough when smoking marijuana buds. 

How to Grow Crown Royale Feminized 

These Crown Royale Feminized cannabis seeds won’t be the easiest type of marijuana strain to grow. As such, don’t try and rush yourself into getting these seeds and cultivating them as they tend to get quite demanding. We advise growers to first build up some experience with weed cultivation first before growing these seeds. When you do find yourself with some Crown Royale marijuana seeds on hand, then you are surely in for an amazing growing operation!

The dark shades of purple due to the anthocyanins stimulating under cooler weathers will give your whole garden a new layer of head-turning appearances that are just jaw-dropping! Keeping these plants under some semi-humid climates with a dry and tropical growing condition reaps out the best qualities of Crown Royale. The yields reach some above average amounts, giving cultivators 400G indoors and 500G outdoors. However, this will vary with a lot of other variables in your gardens. The flowering period of this hybrid strain lasts for up to 9 weeks, which is a pretty standard timeframe for cannabis plant development.

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