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Chemdog#4 Feminized

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Chemdog#4 Marijuana Seeds is a potent lemony strain with average yields. This is the complete package: a recreational AND medicinal strain in one. You’ll get weed with euphoric, creative, sedative, sleepy, and uplifting effects. You can use this strain for the relief of nausea, stress, migraines, depression, arthritis, anxiety, and insomnia.

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More About Chemdog#4 (fem)

Prepare Yourself For A Sensory Treat

Chemdog #4 comes from crossing Nepalese and Thai strains that are both legendary in status. With THC levels of up to 28%, you can bet that this cannabis will blow your mind. You can feel the build-up of effects slowly into your mind and then watch as it explodes in complete bliss a few minutes later. This explosion of euphoria allows giggles and laughter to take place. The second half of the session takes an interesting turn when the body melting effect begins to unravel. Soon, you will find yourself lying on the couch, still smoking weed, and enjoying your thoughts.

Chemdog #4 has natural muscle relaxant properties. This makes it a good option for those who are physically tired from the day’s work. This weed also eases out mental stress and offers a peace of mind for those who have been having trouble sleeping. Grown under a Mediterranean-like climate, this herb should flourish during the summer and produce a good amount of yield of up to 850 grams per plant after reaching its 10-week flowering period.

2 reviews for Chemdog#4 Feminized

  1. Roy McKeown

    Chemdog#4 is very challenging strain to develop, it has a lush leaves and very prone to molds, it also needs trimming and pruning! However, she grows really tall, long colas and sativa like buds. It has a fresh lemon and pine scent. This strain is my remedy for reducing stress from work, it could really give me deep relaxation.

  2. Fackons

    I smoke deep hits of this fresh herb, love its white and green flower too, very exciting and exotic! it was a very intense strain to grow indoor. My whole house smells like chemdog for weeks, it was perfect. when it feels like the day is dragging and it just gets a little sad I will take a toke of this strain…especially when I can’t get into my job….I mean weed doesn’t solve all problems and doesn’t make life any easier but it does help me get into the right headspace about certain things. Good for just taking it easy on the beach 🙂

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