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Cheese Diesel Feminized

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Cheese Diesel Marijuana Seeds will grow high THC plants with heavy yields and sativa-dominant characteristics. It is a strain with high THC at 22%, and despite its short height, it can produce up to 700 grams per plant outdoors and up to 600 grams per square meter indoors. It will produce stinky buds with cheese, pungent, lemon, sour, sweet, and diesel flavors.

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More About Cheese Diesel (fem)

A One-Two Punch of Flavor and Effects

Two world-renowned classic strains bonded together to form a new and very familiar brand of marijuana. This Sativa dominant strain is often regarded as one of the most enticing strains ever. The fact that it has attributes of both strains, such as the flavors of Cheese and the scent of fuel from Diesel, makes it a very tempting weed to smoke. While others find this hybrid appealing to the senses, most users smoke this for its effects. This hybrid offers great company in the afternoon, where its cerebral effects are more subtle yet effective. Social gatherings are more bearable, and you feel like you wanna interact with people.

The mental clarity that this strain offers to eliminate any form of stress and bad mood. Users begin to form a calm and upbeat demeanor. The happy vibe you get from this weed also beats any physical or psychological conditions. Growing this Sativa dominant hybrid should not be a problem for those who have enough space on their farm. A warm sunny outdoor climate with less moisture is a good environment for this weed to thrive.

1 review for Cheese Diesel Feminized

  1. Gena Aliyah

    My seeds arrived super early! They were extremely convenient to plant. Split my seeds indoors and outdoors, got the same results! Nice thick looking shrub, the dense structure might need some topping regularly. I was shocked by the super high yields of this strain! got a cozy 700g from outdoors and around 550g indoors, definitely more than enough! The buds smelled very bitter and pungent, cheese and diesel is always a great combination! Might not be the best smelling but I loved it! It is a very balanced high. I felt very dreamy sensations but I was also pretty upbeat and social!

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