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Cannabis Basics: Rolling A Blunt


As iconic as joints may be, a lot of people would actually prefer using blunts instead. A blunt is basically the equivalent of cigars in the marijuana world. They are a bigger, thicker, and practically more robust form of a joint that many Cannaisseurs smoke on a regular basis. While it does not hold the same fame and notoriety as joints and bongs do, smoking marijuana blunts definitely has its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

Blunts may be similar to joints but they are also unique in many ways. Blunts can also be used with practically any strain of weed. As such, it is a great choice for those who want to take a break from the usual joints and light up something more interesting.


The most important thing to note about blunts that they are literally a cross of cigars and marijuana! Cigars are typically made by curing tobacco leaves and tightly rolling them into smokable products. Blunts, on the other hand, are made by emptying a cigar of its contents and replacing the tobacco with weed! This means that the tobacco casing of a cigar is also smoked when using a blunt.

Because of the mix of tobacco and marijuana, blunts will be able to provide some highs and effects that are different from the usual joints. In addition to the high of cannabis, tobacco will also be able to cause a certain buzz that you typically get from cigarettes. Is this a good thing? Well, it depends. 

A lot of marijuana smokers tend to avoid blunts specifically because of the tobacco casing that it comes with. So make sure you know what you are putting into your body before blazing up a fat blunt!


There are a few healthy reminders that you should remember when using blunts. Familiarizing yourself with these can help you understand how the effects of blunts work and why it would often feel a little different from smoking joints. 

  1. BLUNTS ARE BIGGER – A lot of people seem to underestimate the size difference of blunts and joints. Keep in mind that a packed blunt can contain an insane amount of weed! One blunt nearly equals around 6 ½ joints. So before lighting one up, make sure you have someone to share it with! Or better yet, make sure that you have the tolerance to smoke that much marijuana. 
  2. BLUNTS CONTAIN TOBACCO – There is a long-standing debate about whether marijuana really is healthier than cigarettes. While studies have proven this to be true, using blunts can actually debunk this claim. With the tobacco casings of blunts, people will actually be inhaling some harmful toxins. These chemicals that aren’t usually present in marijuana can cause some very harmful effects. And because tobacco casings are generally more potent than rolling papers, nitrosamines and other cancer-stimulating toxins are in more concentrated doses.
  3. INHALING NICOTINE FROM BLUNTS – Unlike cigars, smokers will usually have to inhale the smoke coming from the blunt. In addition to the adverse effects that this smoke has on the health, the nicotine content makes it a more addicting form of marijuana consumption.
  4. TOBACCO CAUSES HEAD RUSHES – This is the typical effect that most people associate with blunts. While you can get cerebral buzzes when smoking different types of strains, the additional compounds of blunts amplify this feeling. People will have to be careful as this sensation might be too overwhelming. 


Of course, smoking blunts also come with some great advantages compared to your average joints. Here are some of them:

  • Blunts are perfect for long-time and frequent smokers! With the ridiculous amount of weed and side effects of the tobacco, blunts can definitely give a strong and sensational buzz. Although the high THC levels of blunts are intimidating to some, it will unquestionably give some very blissful effects. 
  • Just like joints, you can practically take blunts with you wherever you go. Because they are much larger and thicker than joints, blunts are often passed around in smoking circles. This makes them perfect for social gatherings with friends and peers.
  • Blunts have a very distinct and earthy scent due to the presence of tobacco leaves. It is a very iconic profile that blends classic weed with floral tobacco notes. Many users enjoy the smell and taste of blunts more than joints. 
  • The thicker and naturally larger casings of blunts make sure that they will last for a really long time! Blunts burn slower and give people more time to enjoy the tastes and effects that these have to offer.
  • Just like joints, they are really easy to roll and prepare. The things you will need to roll blunts can also be found in a lot of cannabis stores and online shops. 


Although larger, blunts are rolled pretty similar to joints. But because they make use of cigar or cigarillo casings, you should be more careful and gentle with handling them! Unlike rolling papers, blunt casings have the tendency to rip and fall apart!

Here are the main things that you will need in order to perfectly roll a blunt:

  • Marijuana strain of your choice
  • Cigars or cigarillos. For beginners, there are actually blunt wraps available in many stores.
  • Weed grinder
  • Scissors/Blade 


You’re gonna have to finely grind your weed buds first, just like how you would do for a joint. Take your grinder and stuff your weed buds in there. Close the top and twist. Do this until your chunky buds turn into a fine and grainy texture. If you have no grinder, you can do this manually with your hands.         


Next, take your cigars and/or cigarillos as you will need to empty them. Blunt wraps are also available in stores. This is a great way of keeping things simple and easy. If you do opt to use cigars and cigarillos, you will need a blade. Simply take your cigar and cut all the way lengthwise. Afterwards, empty the contents of the cigar and save them for future use. 

A nice touch to this would be to take a damp towel and carefully moisten the casing. This will help keep the integrity of the casing intact and make it easier to roll. 


Now that your buds are ground and casings are ready, it’s time to roll. This will be quite easy for those who are used to rolling joints. Take your buds and neatly pack them into the blunt casing. For a typical-sized blunt, around 1 or 1 and a half grams of buds is enough. As for cigarillos, you might want to limit it to about half a gram.

Remember not to overstuff your blunt! Doing so may cause it to rip and fall apart. This is especially true for dried up blunt wraps that are fragile and brittle. 


Using two hands, carefully take one end of the blunt and start rolling from there. Make sure to regularly adjust and pack the weed buds while inching closer to the end. Make sure that your blunt casings are moist enough! This ensures that the wrapping stays intact and avoids cracks. Use your fingers to push out any air bubbles or vacant spots in your blunt. You want a nice and compact roll each and every time!

When you reach the end, lick the ends and seal. And there you have it! You have just rolled the perfect blunt. Now, all there is to do is to light that baby up!

Blunts are a great way of smoking weed. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous ways of marijuana consumption. A lot of cannabis fans and connoisseurs all around the world find great pleasure in rolling giant blunts and baking them up. So if you’ve never tried smoking a blunt before, try it out now!

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