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Enjoying different weed strains is one way to get the most out of your cannabis experience. But as much as there are so many different strains  available, there are also a number of delivery methods of cannabis.

Smoking is the most common way to use cannabis. The dried weed is burned to release the potent THC which is what cannabis users crave for. There are many ways to smoke weed and this is more than just your regular joint and blunts.

Hand pipes

One of the most common ways to smoke and enjoy weed is using a hand pipe. Similar to smoking tobacco, a hand pipe is portable, easy to use and can be used anywhere. There are simple hand pipes and there are artistic ones but still these work the same way. 

Hand pipes work by burning the dried weed and then trapping the smoke inside the pipe chamber. This may be smoked right away or inhaled later. 

The most interesting part of smoking using a hand pipe is that you can use pipes that are completely out of the ordinary. Some pipes are made to look like ordinary objects so that no one would suspect that you are using cannabis.

Still, there are outrageous looking pipes designed to be smoked by two, three or more users. Hand pipe prices range from the affordable to very expensive, collection pieces worthy for auction. If you want to buy hand pipes, you can find good quality from online shops or local dispensaries and headgear stores. 

Water pipes

Designed very similar to the common hand pipe but water is incorporated to the design which makes the system more sophisticated. The most common types of water pipes are bubblers and bongs. 

Water pipes work just like a hand pipe as it traps the smoke inside a chamber but water is present to cool the smoke. Users say that the smoke is smoother and hence more enjoyable compared to smoking cannabis in a hand pipe.

There is no evidence that water can filter the smoke in cannabis but it’s sure that it can make the smoke more bearable as it is cooler and easier to inhale.

As with hand pipes, water pipes come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. There are basic water pipes with a traditional design, some are made of glass while some made from ceramic and other sturdier materials. 

The price of water pipes may vary depending on the brand, design, and material used. You can buy good quality water pipes from local shops or choose from a wide variety online.

Cleaning your pipe

The problem with using hand pipes and water pipes is cleaning the pipe. Pipes come with inner workings, chambers that can accumulate dirt and grime, especially when used frequently.  Take note that leaving dirt and grime to stay inside the pipe can affect the taste and flavor of your smoke. Also, it’s unsanitary to smoke from a dirty pipe!

So aside from purchasing a hand pipe or a water pipe, add a pipe cleaner. This is a commercial product made for cleaning smoking pipes. Follow the directions on the label and you’ll have your pipe clean and ready for use in no time.

You may also use homemade items like dishwashing soap, water, and some rock salt to clean your pipe. Soap will dissolve oils and dirt while salt will lightly scour the inner walls of the pipe. To use this technique, combine a teaspoon of dishwashing soap and enough water plus a teaspoon of salt.

Let the solution remain inside the pipe. Your pipe should be completely submerged or filled with this solution. Soak these for an hour or more. Afterward, shake the pipe to allow the salt to move and scour the pipe walls. Rinse with clean water and dry.

Some pipes are made of a number of components and thus may be dismantled for easier cleaning. You may use these cleaning aids to clean this type of pipe as well.  

Rolling paper

Rolling papers are used to make joints and blunts. There are different sizes and kinds of rolling paper and the most common are made from hemp, bamboo, and rice. Some people reuse cigarette and tobacco paper instead of using rolling papers.

Joints and blunts are preferred by many users because these are easy to make and easy to take anywhere. Just keep a stick of joint inside your pocket or bag and light it up anywhere. And even if you’re halfway done, you can extinguish the ember and keep the half-smoked joint to smoke later. 

Prerolled joints are also cheap and are available almost everywhere. But a good cannabis user knows how to roll a good joint so here are the steps to do it. 

To roll joints

Joints are dried cannabis wrapped in rolling paper. Consumers have developed different ways to roll joints but the most common is still rolling by hand using rolling paper.  

  1. Grind your dried weed to the preferred consistency.
  2. Take a piece of rolling paper and fold this in half, lengthwise. The side with the glue must be up.
  3. Place the ground weed on the paper and distribute this along the length of the paper to make sure that you’ll get an even burn. Use a small tool like a paper clip 

Be careful not to overload the paper with dried weed because this won’t roll and close properly.

  1. Make a filter for your joint. Fold a piece of paper in a small accordion-style fold. Place it at one end of the joint. If you plan to use a filter, place this before you roll and seal the joint so it will be positioned properly.
  2. When the ground weed is in place and you are satisfied with the amount of weed, tuck everything and slowly roll the paper. There’s no pressure here, just tuck and fold until you get a compact, perfect roll. 
  3. Lick the sticky edge of the paper to completely seal the contents of the joint. 
  4. Twist both ends of the joint to keep the weed and the filter in. 

To roll blunts

Blunts are a combination of tobacco and dried weed. Some users prefer to smoke blunts because they want the flavor of tobacco or cigarette and at the same time enjoy the high of weed. 

  1. Take tobacco, cigar or cigarette and open it with a blade or cutter. Remove the tobacco and place it in a small container. Save the filter, if there is a filter in the cigar or cigarette that you used.  
  2. Spread the tobacco paper on a rolling tray or any clean and flat surface and fold this in half, lengthwise.
  3. Place an amount of ground weed and tobacco in the paper. You may use equal amounts or you can use more weed or more tobacco.
  4. Arrange the ground weed and tobacco carefully inside the paper using a paper clip or small tool. 
  5. Just like rolling a joint, place the filter in one end of the paper. Naturally, the material inside the blunt will be larger so the filter may not fit. You can make your filter instead.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the amount of weed and tobacco, roll the blunt carefully and fold. The paper may not be as large so you need to make adjustments with the content as you go.


Using a hookah is less common but is getting a lot of attention with people who want to smoke wet tobacco. Some don’t prefer this method because it has lower water content and thus can make the dried weed burn faster. This produces an unfavorable pungent taste and you’ll end up wasting a good amount of herb.

To prevent these from happening, the dried weed is placed between tobacco hence the effects can be similar to smoking a blunt. Hookahs are colorful and are used similar to a water pipe. This contraption allows a group of smokers to consume weed together. 

Homemade weed smoking devices

These days, marijuana smokers are far more creative. Ordinary things and homemade items may be used as long as it has a place to hold the dried weed or bowl and a place to hold water. 

An example is using fruit or vegetables or old plastic bottles. Take note that this homemade smoking paraphernalia is for one-time only. Throw these away when you’re done.

 Also, consider that when you use fruits or vegetables the flavor of weed may change. Food has natural flavor and this may ruin or enhance the taste, smell, aroma and even the effect of weed.

When you use ordinary items like used plastic bottles, make sure to clean these completely and that the container is free from smell, oils, and grease. Again, these may affect the smell, aroma and the effect of weed.

When choosing the ideal material to make your homemade smoking equipment, safety must always be your number one priority. Use only safe and recyclable materials.  

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