To create a blunt, cannabis users dump out the tobacco present in a store-bought cigar, and then reroll the cigar by substituting tobacco with marijuana. Blunts are highly popular because they can hold large amounts of pot, perfect for smoking with friends or when attending parties, as blunts last for at least 30 minutes, or longer. Blunts are beloved among cannabis connoisseurs because of being available in many sizes, flavors, and shapes. Dutch Masters and Phillies Blunts are two of the most famous cigar brands used for rolling blunts. Note that the wrap does contain nicotine. Therefore, blunts are not suitable for those who want to restrain from inhaling the hazardous compounds found in tobacco while enjoying their cannasmoking session.

Sample 1

“I used to love smoking blunts, but now I am a dedicated aficionado of oral and topical methods of cannabis consumption.”

Sample 2

“She sure knows how to roll awesome blunts, bro! I bet it took her years to master these blunt rolling skills.”