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Blue Cheese Feminized

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Blue Cheese Marijuana Seeds is one of the fastest flowering and high THC buds. It is an indica-dominant strain with THC levels at 20%. These plants are small at only 80 cm, but this is capable of producing up to 550 grams per plant outdoors and 500 grams per square meter indoors.

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More About Blue Cheese (fem)

A Taste of High Quality Cannabis

When you think of Blue Cheese, you imagine a delicate brand of cheese full of flavor and aroma. You can immediately feel your mouth watering with the thought of this savory treat. This is exactly what Blue Cheese is all about. This Indica leaning plant is best served as a dessert strain with its high-quality taste and aroma. A cross between Blueberry and Cheese, this hybrid strain sets off a powerful high that you can only get when you taste a breed of cannabis as good as this.

As with all Indica breeds, this highly relaxing plant also provides a good amount of analgesic properties that ease pain all over the body. Toking this strain will often lead to drowsiness, and you end up lying on your couch or bed asleep.

This strain is highly in-demand compared to most gourmet strains. This feminized version of the plant should be relatively easy to grow, especially for beginners.

3 reviews for Blue Cheese Feminized

  1. Hope C

    One of my favorites! With the cheese and blueberry combination of this strain, it’s like tasting my favorite blueberry cheesecake in a plant. For cheese lovers, it’s definitely a must try. Growing this was definitely worth it as it produces a very generous amount of crops and full buds. Definitely a heavy yielder at around 550 g/m2. The smell is strong so you will need a good filtration system if you don’t want that stink smell to fill you room or to reach your neighbor next door. Relaxation is a must these days and this strain is one you should definitely try as this helped me sleep better at night.

  2. Vivian C.

    The tastiest weed I’ve smoke! i fell in love with her blueberry cheese flavor with sweet grape aroma so enticing! day by day she changes my life to become better and able to enjoy day and night without worries in mind..before, lots of negative thoughts bothering me but now thanks to this weed,more relax and inspired. Either you’re an expert or newbies,you can grow this well, she’s a grower-friendly strain and natural resistance to diseases and pests..after 8 weeks she never disappoint me with the harvest, yields are good! yeah cropped 520g per plant..Indeed, a fruitful grow!..

  3. luke

    Very easy cultivar to grow very nice terp profile and nice yield!!!

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