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Baklava Fast Feminized

Attractive, dense, fluffy neon green nugs with lots of orange hairs, that’s what Baklava Fast Version Marijuana Strain is made of! This evenly balanced hybrid has a couch-locking effect giving a body high accompanied by mental clarity and energy. This strain is perfect for both day and night time use.

This balanced hybrid is a cross between the infamous Kosher Kush and Gelato 41 strains.Inheriting the sturdy structure and sweet tasting flavors, Baklava Fast Version is surely a delicious treat for everyone. Aside from being famous for its yummy taste and aroma, Baklava Fast Version Marijuana strain also has many health benefits and helps in wellness issues.
Its THC level is at 20% providing a cerebral and dreamy effect. It is surely a strain to look forward to day or night.

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Baklava Fast Version Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Balanced Hybrid (50% Indica- 50% Sativa)
Genetics Parents: Kosher Kush x Gelato 41
Flowering Period: 7 to 9 weeks
Climate: Sunny, warm and humid
Yields: 400 to 600 grams
Flavors: Fruity, sweet and sour, spicy, Citrusy, Berry
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Short
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Baklava Fast Version Marijuana Strain?

Coffee and dessert lovers fall hard in love with Baklava Fast Version Marijuana Strain. As the name suggests, Baklava gives off a sweet and enticing flavor and aroma. This beauty is popular for its delicious flavor and unearthly energizing effects. The sweet, spicy and citrus inhale gives off a light creamy exhale that’s very hard to resist. After a few hits, the aroma turns pungent with a hint of savory diesel and herbs tagging along. Watch out as you get carried away! This potent strain has a euphoric high that will fill your mind with lots of mental energy.

When it comes to the Baklava high, it is noted to be one of the best! It has been here for ages and there is no stopping. It provides an uplifting, focus and mental energizing effects while relaxing and weighing down your body. A boost of euphoria will start kicking in filling your senses with relaxation and a soothingly pleasant experience.

What are the Medical Benefits of Baklava Fast Version Marijuana Strain?

With this premium strains 20% THC level, Baklava is mostly chosen for its ability to treat chronic pain, body and muscle spasms and fatigue. Its uplifting effect is great for depression and anxiety issues too.
In addition to the health and medical benefits mentioned above, the Baklava Fast Version Strain works well for those who are suffering with loss in appetite, sleeping disorders and issues and nausea.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Baklava Fast Version Marijuana Strain

Being a very potent strain, Baklava Fast Version Marijuana strain can be overwhelming to those who have low tolerance for complex highs. Newbies in the cannabis world will need to take it slowly and with caution to avoid paranoia and over indulging. Same as most strains, it can also dry your mouth, throat and eyes, so always keep a bottle of water handy.

How to Grow Baklava Fast Version Marijuana Strain?

Being one of cannabis growers’ well-loved strains, Baklava is fairly easy to grow and is incredible when it comes to the quantity of yield. Because of its indica genetics, this plant does not grow very tall which is perfect to grow indoors. Of course, outdoor cultivation will also work well with this plant. They thrive well with warm, sunny and dry environments. Regular pruning is recommended for the leaves and branches on the lower part to promote a good air circulation. This beauty will start to flower and harvest in 7 to 9 weeks and you can enjoy your own Baklava crops in no time!


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