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Auto CBDV Afghani Strain Marijuana Seeds

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The Auto CBDV Afghani Strain Cannabis Seeds are ideal for both novice and experienced growers. They provide an opportunity to unlock their therapeutic potential. This strain offers a pleasant cultivation experience, making it suitable for those looking to enhance their gardening skills. With THC levels ranging from 8% to 9% and a substantial CBD content of 7% to 11%, this Indica-Dominant Hybrid boasts a well-balanced mix of cannabinoids. This balanced blend results in a calming and soothing effect when consumed. In just 7 to 8 weeks, you can expect resinous buds with a delightful combination of earthy, aromatic, and woody flavors. This strain is also available in a regular variety. Elevate your cultivation journey with the Auto CBDV Afghani Strain from SunWest Genetics, a reputable cannabis seed bank in Canada. Each seed promises perfection waiting to be discovered.

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auto cbdv afghani
Auto CBDV Afghani Strain Marijuana Seeds
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Strain Specifications

Strain Specifications
Afghani landrace x Cannatonnic
CBG Level
Cold, Tropical
Indoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Outdoor Height
Medium (5 to 8 FT)
Harvesting Time
Late September to October
Strain Specifications
Indoor Yields
300 g/m2
Outdoor Yields
400 g/plant
Mildew Resistant, Mold Resistant, Pest Resistant
Taste and Smell
Cheese, Earthy, Fruity, Herbal, Spicy
Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
Caryophyllene, Delta 3 Carene, Myrcene, Ocimene, Pinene

Auto CBDV Afghani Strain Growing Information

The Auto CBDV Afghani Strain is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced growers, offering a balanced combination of simplicity and quality. It thrives in various environments, making it adaptable for growers in different climates. Growing this strain can be a rewarding challenge, allowing you to enhance your skills and expertise while enjoying a bountiful harvest. This fast-growing strain reaches its full potential in just 7-8 weeks, with medium-sized plants that can reach heights of 5-8 feet indoors or outdoors. You can expect a yield of around 300 grams per square meter indoors and up to 400 grams per plant outdoors, showcasing the tangible results of your hard work.
Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of Auto CBDV Afghani Strain

Cannabis enthusiasts will appreciate the remarkable terpene profile of the Auto CBDV Afghani Strain. It offers an exceptional sensory experience with scents and flavors enriched by Pinene, Caryophyllene, Delta 3 Carene, Myrcene, and Ocimene. Each inhalation provides an earthy delight with hints of spice and herbal notes, complemented by subtle fruity undertones. For those seeking complexity, a touch of cheese flavor adds an intriguing twist.

Beyond its flavor, the Auto CBDV Afghani Strain boasts an appealing visual appeal. These feminized cannabis seeds produce robust plants adorned with lush green foliage. The buds, thick and resinous, are a captivating sight in themselves. The vibrant trichomes glisten in the light, symbolizing their potency and quality. Every glance serves as a reminder of the rewarding journey embarked upon when choosing to cultivate the Auto CBDV Afghani Strain.

Strain Effects

Auto CBDV Afghani Strain is a versatile and mood-enhancing cannabis variety that offers a range of delightful effects. It acts as a relaxing partner, providing relief from stress and tension. Additionally, it’s renowned for its ability to induce a restful night’s sleep, making it a great choice for those dealing with insomnia. This strain can also boost happiness and euphoria, brightening your mood and leaving you content. Moreover, it has the added benefit of stimulating the appetite, making it perfect for those seeking to satisfy their cravings. In essence, Auto CBDV Afghani Strain offers a comprehensive experience with relaxation, sleepiness, happiness, euphoria, and increased appetite, making it an all-in-one choice for a fantastic time.

Description of Auto CBDV Afghani Strain

Introducing Auto CBDV Afghani Strain Feminized Cannabis Seeds, a perfect blend of tradition and therapeutic potential. This strain, a precious gem in the world of relaxation and therapeutic relief, owes its excellence to its exceptional genetics. Prepare to bask in the soothing embrace of Auto CBDV Afghani’s calming attributes. The harmonious interplay of cannabinoids in this strain is achieved through the crossbreeding of Afghani Landrace and Cannatonic varieties, resulting in THC and CBD levels ranging from 8% to 9% and 7% to 11%, respectively. Envision a peaceful post-stress scenario as you unwind with Auto CBDV Afghani Strain.

Auto CBDV Afghani Strain imparts a profound sense of serenity and tranquility. As you indulge in this strain, a wave of calmness washes over you, gently guiding you into a state of peaceful repose. Stress dissipates, making room for a delightful sense of contentment and elation. Both your body and mind will appreciate the calming influence of Auto CBDV Afghani Strain, preparing you for a restful night’s sleep with reduced stress levels. While enjoying its wonderful effects, it’s advisable to stay hydrated, as Auto CBDV Afghani may lead to dry mouth and dry eyes. Keep a refreshing beverage on hand to enhance your experience and ensure your comfort.

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    I was pleasantly surprised by the fast shipping and discreet packaging. The seeds were of high quality, and I will definitely order again.

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