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Why You Should Use Super Soil For Your Cannabis Plants

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Marijuana seeds can only promise you so much in terms of the quality of their output. One major (and often overlooked) factor that will significantly affect your future harvests is how you grow your weed seeds. People who cultivate marijuana seeds will have to make a lot of choices about how they will approach their cultivation and it will all start with the medium that they use. Introducing, the super soil.

Now, if you are  new to growing cannabis plants, you would probably think that any type of regular soil would do. However, this is rarely the case! In order to yield the best results in your cannabis gardens, you will have to make use of organic super soil.

What is Super Soil?

Cannabis plants that grow in the wild are naturally expose to the rich nutrients and minerals. This is because of the richness of nature’s soil. It is important that when you domesticate cannabis plants and grow them under a regulated conditions, you will need to mimic the compounds and health enhancers in organic soils in order to make your crops truly thrive!

That is where super soil comes in. Super soil is basically a mixture of various organic ingredients and amendments that you combine with regular soil in order to enhance its performance! This gives your roots much more freedom to absorb and take in all the healthy nutrients and minerals that you give it. Many people also refer to super soil as a living kind of substrate that contains numerous compounds that are also found in organic sources. 

There are many different growing media that you can use for your cannabis plants. But because soil is specifically designed to provide and control the flow of nutrients to and from the roots, it is the most widely used type of growing medium out there. As such, making a super soil mixture is accessible, easy, and effective!

Advantages of Using a Super Soil Mixture:

Beyond any doubt, the use of a super soil mixture brings countless benefits to your plants with little to no drawbacks at all. While it will seem a lot easier to just use a pack of store-bought soils, placing amendments and different ingredients in them to make your own super soil will bring invaluable advantages to your cannabis crop! 

Listed below are some of the best and most attractive advantages from super soil mix:

  • Super soil is an all-organic mix of soil that makes use of natural ingredients only. As such, it relies much less on dangerous chemicals and hazardous compounds that may potentially damage your cannabis  plants.
  • While nutrients are always a good thing, knowing and determining the amount of nutrients that your plants get is extremely important! Too much of something might cause your plants to grow in ways that you are not expecting. With a super soil mixture, you will have complete oversight and control over the nutrient intake of your plants as well as the time frames in which they absorb these compounds. 
  • Because there will be no chemical interference with the growth of your plants, they will have much more potent and tasty flavors! Unwanted chemicals affect your plants in a number of ways and that includes possibly changing the flavors. 
  • Super soil is very versatile and can be used in literally any setup! This applies not only to cannabis plants but to any other crop out there. Because this does will in simulating a natural environment’s growth, cannabis plants will generally thrive when super soil is used.
  • The use of typical chemicals and compounds in cannabis plants will require growers to flush them out via watering every now and then. Because of the organic composition of super soil, you will not need to flush out anything!

Preparing your super soil may seem to be quite a lot of work. In addition to having ingredients that are quite expensive compared to other soil, it will naturally result in a much slower growing process for your plants. This is because the various ingredients will take a while longer to compost to settle into the soil solution.

However, the use of this is a great way of making sure that you give your plants only the best and most effective components for cultivation. Your hard work will be rewarded and this is evident once you see the resulting harvests of your plants.

How to Prepare You Cannabis Super Soil:

There are a number of things that you will need to do and prepare in order to come up with organic super soil. There are many ways to go about this and it will depend on your personal preferences as to what route you want to take. 

Here are some of the most important things to consider when coming up with your super soil:

Remember, natural soil already contains nutrients and minerals!

While its levels come nowhere near super soil, natural soil will inherently contain certain nutrients and minerals. These are useful for your plants but sometimes, certain compounds in your soil will prove to be too much or too little for proper growth. As such, it is best to first know what’s in your different soils.

You’re going to have to first measure the pH levels in your soil. You can do this with a pH meter. These are available in hardwares or the gardening aisles. Take your soil and water in thoroughly. Afterwards, collect the runoff water and stick your pH meters into the water. The average pH level is 6.5 to 7.5 which is considered neutral. A pH level lower than the neutral average indicates your soils high levels of acidity while anything higher than the average 

Furthermore, the nutrient composition in your soils should also be monitored properly. Submitting a sample for a lab test may seem overboard but trust me, a lot or gardeners do it. This will help you adjust your NPK ratios (macronutrients) accordingly as well as control the amount of micronutrients given.

Choosing the Correct Soil Amendments

Now that you know what your soil has (or lacks), it is time to get yourself some soil amendments. These soil amendments are basically all-organic ingredients that you add to your soil solutions. They increase the overall performance of your soils. It also improve the way that the roots take in nutrients. Things such as water and nutrient retention, proper drainage, and air flow improve through the use of the correct soil amendments.

However, the main goal of soil amendments is to provide the proper amounts of macronutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) for the NPK ratio you will eventually use. Different amendments provide different nutrients, too! Bat guano, worm castings, and crustacean meal are all great for giving off some much needed nitrogen.

On the other hand, you can boost the Phosphorus levels of your cannabis plants. You can use bone meal, animal (organic) manure, and rock dust. Lastly, Potassium can be boosted by the use of compost, kelp meal, and wood ash.

For this guide, we are going to make a healthy, standard mix using 80% worm castings, 8% fish bone meal, 6% bat guano, and 6% blood meal. You are free to add more into this recipe based on what your plants need in terms of NPK ratios. 

Getting Your Stuff Ready

In addition to the soil amendments that you have probably already purchased, you’re gonna need a couple of more things. Make sure that you have a container that is large enough to hold a lot of soil for each of your plants. If you are using pots instead of planting directly into the ground, make sure to distribute an ample amount of super soil for each. We recommend getting a container that can hold up to roughly 3 kilograms of soil.

You are also going to need some base soil to mix your soil amendments in! Like we said, these already contain some natural compounds. Soil can usually be bought in stores or obtained from more natural sources like your backgrounds. The amount of super soil that you make will depend on your choice so prepare ¾ part organic soil and ¼ light soil mix

There are a few more things that you need to complete your recipe. Get your hands on around half a cup of granular azomite, ¾ cup of some epsom salts, and one cup of dolomite lime.  

Mixing Your Super Soil

Start things off by placing around ⅔ of your organic soil mix into your container. Afterwards, add the fish bone meal and half of the light soil mix and combine them all together using a gardening rake. 

Next comes the dolomite lime. Spread the grains of dolomite line all over the top of the mixture followed by the granular azomite. Add whatever is left of your light soil mix and pour in half of your worm castings. Empty your organic soil into the container and thoroughly mix again. 

Lastly, add in the remainder of the worm castings and pour in the bat guano, blood meal, and epsom salts. Rake the mixture one last time and leave it to compost! This process usually takes around 2 months in order for the ingredients to fully break down and incorporate themselves together. Regularly mix the solution until there are no more ingredients standing out. You will now have a completely earthy mixture that looks robust and healthy!

That is pretty much all you will need in order to make your own super soil mixture! Familiarizing yourself with the different functions of the nutrients is great for knowing what to give your plants. Also, take the time to mix and combine your ingredients thoroughly! This will really help incorporate the recipe together and give you a much more active super soil mix.

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