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Why Germinate Cannabis Seeds in the Dark

germinate cannabis seeds dark

According to experts in the marijuana industry, cannabis seeds are best to germinate if they will be placed in the dark. The main reason why this is effective and true is the fact that light may trigger and act as a hindrance to the germination of your seeds.

Why is darkness more suitable for seed germination?

You may hear the phrase “on and off” in seed germination. Phytochrome Red or Pr is a pigment that will absorb red lights, this pigment is usually found in leaves. However, seeds have also Pr which enable them to react when they will receive light. Under the light, your marijuana seeds will absorb other light’s spectrum which will cause the hormones to release alterations of its biological functions. As a result, your marijuana seeds will turn on and off thus delaying its germination and sometimes will make the seeds dormant.

This is why seeds have to be germinated in the dark.

What are the other factors to consider in germinating seeds?

Aside from darkness, there are several factors also which you need to consider to successfully germinate your marijuana seeds. These are water, oxygen, and temperature.

• Water
Water is a requirement for the germination of seeds. Water will give enough moist to your seeds but make sure it will not lead to soaking as well.
• Oxygen
Marijuana seeds will require oxygen for its metabolic process. The oxygen will let your seeds breathe properly thus it will support its growth and development under the soil or in any medium you use for germination. This is why its important to make sure the seeds are ventilated and have air flow during germination.
• Temperature
All seeds have desired temperature to germinate. In the case of cannabis seed germination, it has a range of temperature required to germinate. Above or below the range will hinder its germination. 70 degrees Fahrenheit – 90 degrees Fahrenheit (21°C – 32°C).

Once you have successfully completed the germination process and have grown some plants your ready for the flowering stage of the cannabis plant after a few weeks.

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