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What Is Schwazzing and How to Do It?

“Schwazzing cannabis plants” pertain to a term used to describe the enormous defoliation of cannabis leaves in 2 high-risk phases during the cannabis plant’s flowering stages. This substantial defoliation permitted to help the plant get a deep light penetration and center into the growth of the plant to help get for a maximum amount of yields. 

This process is quite effective in helping the plant increase the yields in the indoor area. The result of doing this process may end up produce more and fatter size buds. Other most effective defoliation techniques used by many cannabis growers include Topping, Lollipopping, and Schwazzing. 

How to Schwazz Cannabis Plants?

The main objective of increasing the light penetration and enough airflow is to help the plant to its overall increase in growth as well as the yield that it produces. To make it, the best thing to do is to begin removing the unhealthy leaves that may obstruct the growth of the plant and even hinder the light and air circulation. 

The term Shwazzing was popularized by the book named “Three of Light” that was made by Joshua Haupt. The book described Shwazzing as a mode to help increase the yields indoors for about 3 lbs more. This process is considered a very efficient way to defoliate the cannabis plant with specific observation for the needed time to increase your yields. It is usually done when the cannabis plant reaches into its flowering stage.

Why We Shwazz Cannabis Plants?

Enormous defoliation is mean to reveal the lower part of the buds in cannabis plants that usually cannot get enough sun exposure that helps the plant to produce high quality and compact buds. It usually motivates the cannabis plant to have more amount of energy in such a particular area. Commonly, most of the lower part leaves that do not obtain direct sunlight are prone to be draining overall plant more than developing energy for plants.

Most of the cannabis growers remove the lower leaves, and they shade the bud area to prevent producing small popcorn size buds. However, Schwazzing is aimless. That means if it is a fan leaf, then you need to pull it off. This method may look like counter-intuitive because the plants depend on the fan leaves to help fuel up the growth. 

However, there are a lot of beginner growers usually feel hesitant to remove all the fan leaves completely. This is proven especially for the second defoliation that does within day 21 of the plant. If you’re looking for a way to Schwazz your cannabis plants, all the fan leaves that have a visible stem may be required to strip off the plants.

To neutralize the stress of the plants, you only need to do is on the same day of defoliating your plant increase the nutrients that you blend to help you acquire the best results.

Does Schwazzing Cannabis Plants Work?

To check if schwazzing works some trials run to grow cannabis plant in a controlled area and test to how does it work with fewer defoliation trials. Schwazzing works well, but it is required to force-feed the cannabis plant with a lot of sugar nutrients to make up on what is the plant lost. 

However, you still need to be more cautious about removing too much fan leaves during the flowering stage as it works well under the usual assumption that fan leads on where the solar panels to develop more energy for the cannabis plant. You can also try to stray beams of light to help it make it through the canopy down to the floor of the growing tent. Make sure that the canopy is just thick that be right enough to absorb the light.

When Is the Ideal Time to Schwazz Your Cannabis Plants?

Schwazzing cannabis plants are usually taking place for at least twice for the whole lifetime of the plant. The first is during the flowering stage and the second time is on after its three weeks. Maybe you think that these stages are critical to the survival of the plant as they are carried out late or even too early and may affect the plant’s growth and yields. 

You may just switch the photoperiod into 12/12 right after the first schwazzing, and more nutrients are needed to feed the plants for them to help recover as the cannabis plants become stripped after doing schwazzing.

Schwazzing Tips for Your Plants

  • Removing the fan leaves must need to do right before the flowering stage start.
  • Not required growing procedures may not use to encourage the growth of the plant. It means that only the best buds may get direct sunlight and other growing resources from the plant to get more chances of being alive.
  • Defoliation of the plants has been acknowledged as the right method to energize plant energy once that the lower parts have been cut off, which will surely give you more number of yields.
  • The main benefit of schwazzing is the removal of fan leaves from the cannabis plant that eventually lessens the amount of trimming that do during harvest.
  • One of the crucial problems while doing schwazzing is it gives a high number of yields at the high-risk procedure. This is ideal to try for growers that do not have enough expertise for growing and not ready to do such high risk to take part in it. There is a good chance of plant varieties that will not be able to resist such crucial stress and possibly lead to death even if given more nutrients. 
  • Give your plants the right nutrients after schwazzing as this helps the plant to recover immediately.
  • Right about three weeks after doing the first defoliation, you can be observed that the plant becomes denser. With this case, you can do for more round of defoliation to guarantee that your plant will continue to stay exposed with light. But this required to be careful doing it to avoid excessive trimming that may prevent the growth of your plant. 


It is essential to keep in mind that the time may make schwazzing difficult for plants to stay on its flowering stage. This may result in the second round of schwazzing at a bare minimum to cut only the needed leaves so the residual leaves can use as a canopy for your plant.

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